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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Example of a Narrative Essay: Tales Round the Campfire.

Example of a Narrative Essay: Tales Round the Campfire.
The big Town Hall clock was striking midnight when Frank began to cross the bridge. The night air was cold and damp. A low mist hung over the river and the street-lamps gave little light.
Frank was anxious to get home and his footsteps rang loudly on the street. When he reached the middle of the bridge he thought he could hear someone approaching behind him. He looked back but could see no one. However, the sound continued and Frank began walking more quickly. Then he slowed down again, ashamed of himself for acting so foolishly. There was nothing to fear in a town as quiet as this.
The short, quick steps grew louder until they seemed very near. Frank found it impossible not to turn round. As he did so, he caught sight of a figure coming towards him.
After reaching the other side of the bridge, Frank stopped and pretended to look down at the water. From the corner of his eye he could now make out the form of a man dressed in a large overcoat. A hat was pulled down over his eyes and very little of his face could be seen.
As the man came near, Frank turned towards him and said something about the weather in an effort to be friendly. The man did not answer but asked gruffly where Oakfield House was. Frank pointed to a big house in the distance and the stranger continued his way.
The inquiry make Frank suspicious because he knew that the inhabitants of Oakfield House were very wealthy. Almost without realizing what he was doing, he began following the stranger quietly. The man was soon outside the house and Frank saw him look up at the window. A light was still on and the man waited until it went out. When about half an hour had passed, Frank saw him climb noiselessly over the wall and heard him drop on to the ground at the other side.
Now Frank's worst suspicions were confirmed. He walked quickly and silently across the street towards a telephone-booth on the corner...
This passage writing example was taken from My Teacher's Book.
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EM Illustrator said...

Nice story...like your writing my friend.

Starry Dawn said...

Oh, thank you, sweet friend, Eva for visiting my sites!
You are a super friend.
God bless you, sweetheart!