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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another Passage in My Life...

Another Passage in My Life...
This one is another passage that I had to learn by heart along with over 20 other passages if I wanted to pass the English Examination at College many years ago. It was so hard back then...
I share this nice tale, yet I did not write it.
"It was already late when we set out for the next town, which according to the map was about fifteen miles away on the other side of the hills. There we felt sure that we would find a bed for the night.
Darkness fell soon after we left the village, but luckily we met no one as we drove swiftly along the narrow winding road that led to the hills. As we climbed higher, it became colder and rain began to fall, making it difficult at times to see the road. I asked John, my companion, to drive more slowly.
After we had traveled for about twenty miles, there was still no sign of the town which was marked on the map. We were beginning to get worried. Then, without warning, the car stopped. A quick examination showed that we had run out of gasoline. Although we had little food with us, only a few biscuits and some chocolate, we decided to spend the night in the car.
Our meal was soon over. I tried to go to sleep at once, but John, who was a poor sleeper, got out of the car after a few minutes and went for a walk up the hill. Soon he came running back. From the top of the hill he had seen, in the valley below, the lights of the town we were looking for. We at once unloaded all our luggage and, with a great effort, managed to push the car to the top of the hill. Then we went back for the luggage, loaded the car again and set off down the hill. In less than a quarter of an hour we were in the town, where we found a hotel quite easily."
This is just an example of another passage learned by heart when I studied at the Teacher's Training College many years ago.
You know that I got married and had my baby daughter in New York long ago. Now, my dear daughter is a grown up beautiful woman. She got married and had 3 children in New York,  my grandchildren. You see, many things happened in between these things in a time frame.
One day, I'll be able to tell our story, which involved a great deal of domestic violence, attempted murder, harrassment, cruel abuses, not only physical hurt, but also mental and emotional issues. I have got permanent disabilities from the damage that my daughter's father caused in my lifetime. I had to leave him. So, I left with my American baby overseas.
I was left alone in the world almost homeless, without siblings, without a family. My parents parted into Heaven just too soon. I am a survivor and a victim of domestic violence.
I would love to tell my story in a Novel one day, if that is God's will...
I met many Americans doing the same thing, even English and Australian folks...
I was already an older adult, and the other students were young girls. At that time, I felt that something was missing from me. Something that my parents should have given to me when I was a little child, but they did not...
There is an old saying: "It is easier to build stronger children than to repair broken men."
It is much easier for a child to learn things. Adults got much harder times in learning things. 
Back at College, students had to take many different subjects apart from English Language, English Grammar and Phonetics. The syllabus included, for example, History and Geography of the British Isles and the United States, (Lifetime) History of Britain, History of the United States, Linguistics, Shakespeare and many Literature Courses. Unfortunately, I did not graduate. It was very hard for me. I had to work all day -as an English Instructor without a teaching degree, helping foreign learners of English working in American Companies Overseas, such as Exxon Oil, Gillette, General Electric, etc. The classes were at different hours according to the schedule of the students. Teachers had to wait for them. We did not get paid for the waiting period. We got paid for the teaching time only. It was a low wage and a great effort, especially for my throat. I got laryngitis often. Then, I could not work, so I did not get paid for being sick. There were long hours to make ends meet, to support my daughter as a single parent, since her father was not there for her. Needless to say, it was so very hard for me. My daughter was alone most of the day. She went to a local school, and I came home for a short period of time when I had a break in my private classes as a coach. I went to College in the morning. Then from there, I went to teach my students.
One of my favourite things to do was gathering at home in our family reunion with my beloved ones. My aunts were the sisters of my father. They had been into Music all their lives. They lived a long life. Aunt Neyfer passed away at the age of 96. Auntie Helen went to Heaven at 95. My aunt Helen was a wonderful Concertist Piano Player. She began to learn how to play when she was only 5 years old. My dear auntie played the piano while I sang beautiful songs along with her. My other aunt played the guitar, and we were having lots of fun at home. My daughter and my first granddaughter were watching how we would perform a musical venue in my aunts' family room. I remember those good old days, and I miss them so dearly...
I share some good old photos for you to figure out how old folks could have lots of fun too.
Starry says, "I used to change my hairstyle a little too often looking so differently..."
I make plans to write the Story of My Life one day, if that is God's will...
Do they have special techniques in order to train English Teachers in the United States?
I wonder...
Thank you in advance for reading!!


Chatty Crone said...

My grandson is having to learn poetry this year.

EM Illustrator said...

That sounds really tough, your life. Sometimes we are stronger than we think! Enjoy your day my friend xx

Starry Dawn said...

Thank you, Sandie and Eva for coming over!!
Hugs & Friendship Love,