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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Frank, the Legend, his Ancestry & Siblings.

Frank, the Legend, his Ancestry and Siblings.

I share pictures of my cat Frank, his ancestry and siblings. Lucky was his father. Daisy was his mother. Blueberry and Harvey were his siblings. Harpo was his grandfther. Yankee Doodle Dandi was his great-grandfather. Singa Ballad was his great-great-grandfather, and Legend was his great-great-grandmother. I also share some pics of Frank's great aunts and great uncles.

I was telling you in my previous post about my cat Frank, the Legend. Our cat is over 16 years old, and we have recently found out by an experienced cat breeder about Frank's outstanding pedegree as a Siamese cat.

Jeanne Singer, a famous American Cat Breeder was born at the outbreak of the 20th Century. She passed away by now. Jeanne Singer was very much interested in GENETICS. So, she began her cat breeding program with "SINGA CATTERY" by importing the first English Siamese cats, which made the best bloodline of New Style Siamese cats in the USA. Many of the offsprings of Ms. Jeanne Singer's best Siamese cats are behind a lot of fine quality pedigrees in the USA. today. She did the crossing of the best bloods, in order to make the perfect cat for the New Style or Modern Siameses. The Classic Style is called Thai or Apple Head Siamese. As you may realize, I am an animal lover, and a cat lover as well. In this new blog, I plan to post lots of journal entries about mother nature and animals as well. I am a Christian. I believe in God, but also in the healing power of mother nature and animals. I hope you enjoy reading my journals, and looking at the pretty pics I share. I hope you visit often, my dear friends. Please, don't cast me aside, do not leave me alone, unwanted, unloved, or forsaken. I truly nourish from loving honest friendship in Christ, which is the food and water for my spirit. This is My New Blog, which I'll update on monthly basis. I call it, Journeys and Journals from Our Galaxy. I'll soon post my last entries in my old blogs, my poetry corner and inspirational site, which I plan to retire. It seems I have no time for everything. I am so busy lately with my personal life. For instance, Don Polo, my lifetime companion, will soon retire from his old practice as a Chief Surgeon at the Emergency Room in a Public Hospital in an underdeveloped country in SA. He is still active though, at his almost 71 years of age. After he retires, we make plans to relocate back home to the States with my dear family. I miss them so dearly!! Now, Don is on vacation at this point, and he wants to spend time with me, and demands much attention from me, just like a child. He wants to talk to me, take walks outdoors, and plan trips together, if that is God's will. I still got my asthma, allergies and other health issues. However, there are days that I feel just great. Other fewer days, I am down deep to my blues. So, blogging is my personal retreat, my essential emotional therapy. I pray that you understand me. Please, let me heal my inner being with the powerful energy from your golden friendship. Let me know if you like my posts, please!! I have updated my personal profile with newer data, if you care to read the new stuff. God Bless!!

Until we write again.

Poet Starry Dawn.

Sunday, August 14, 2011



As you may already know as an advocate, I am an ANIMAL LOVER!! I'll soon begin to share part of my world, some pictures of the cats I got now, and those gone to Heaven. (((I still miss them all a great deal!!)))

Let me introduce Frank, the legend to all of you!!... He is a memorable cat, a Seal-Point Siamese. He was born in March, 1995. At this point, he is 16 years and 5 months old. I take great care of him. We have been inseparable pals, and he is my best friend. Let me tell you an inspirational tale that it will impress you a great deal!! I've recently met a lady who has been cat breeder for over 25 years. Her name is Gaby. She breeds one of the most spectacular Siamese cats around. I was particularly interested in a Foreign White Style Siamese, which pure white colour with deep sapphire blue eyes, was created in England not too long ago. Gaby breeds these kind of Foreign Whites, plus other traditional colours of Siamese and Oriental cats. Her fine cats are very small, almost like dwarfs. They are about 3 to 4 pounds the most, when they become adults. Don, my companion, and I went to her apartment to take a good look at her fine cattery. She is an excellent cat breeder, and her fine cats are superb. But what it really amazes me the most is her knowledge about GENETICS.

I told Gaby about our dear cat, FRANK, THE LEGEND. Then, she began to tell us about HIS MEMORABLE FAMILY TREE.

In January, 1995, I happened to be out of town for a while. I was heading for a trip to THE BAHAMAS ISLANDS. So, I called my friend Dix, who was another excellent Siamese Cat Breeder, and asked her for the service to keep my dear cats, Daisy and Blueberry in her house for one month. She agreed. At that time, Dix had a superb male Seal-Point Siamese with papers of his fine ancestry, his FAMILY TREE, as far as great-great-grandparents. This precious cat was a great stud of her fine cattery. His name was Lucky. Looking at his fine ancestry in his papers, LUCKY was the son of HARPO. Harpo was the son of YANKEE DOODLE DUNDY, who was the son of his mother, LEGEND, and his father, SINGA BALLAD from the FINEST SIAMESE CATTERY IN THE USA. SINGA CATTERY was established in the early 20th Century by a fine American lady who brought her first Siamese cats from England. She was very interested in GENETICS. So, by crossing the best English Siamese cats, she created the BEST SIAMESE BLOODLINE IN THE USA. This lady passed away, yet offsprings of her best Siamese cats are still around throughout the USA nowadays. Yes!! I am talking about the origin of the new style Siamese cats in the USA, which were created by this lady in the beginning of the 20th Century. The Thai or Apple Head Siamese is the old fashion Siamese. Then, there is a new style Siamese with a different kind of head, body, and general personality that establish them -as the Modern Siamese Cats. I am proud to have found out that my dear cat, Frank has got the best genes on the side of his father, Lucky whose grandfather, great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather and other ancestors were the GREATEST GRAND CHAMPIONS IN THE USA.

Frank's mother was Daisy. She was an average old style Thai or Apple Head Siamese cat. Daisy and Lucky -Frank' parents- were both Seal-Point Siamese. In my next entry, I shall post pictures of Lucky, Yankee Doodle Dundy, Legend, Singa Ballad and other photos of Frank's Family Tree. I don't have pics of Harpo, Lucky's daddy.


Thank you in advance for visiting My Monthly Newsletters!!

Until we write again.

Poet Starry Dawn.

Monday, August 8, 2011



Dear Readers, I have received a very encouraging message from one of my first followers. Her name is Sarah. She is a sweet dear friend, and I would like to please her with her personal request. Sweet Sarah has asked me to post something in my galaxy blog. I only post when I get a sparkle of inspiration in My Monthly Newsletters. Anyway, I'll do it for you this time. So, here it goes for you, sweet Sarah. I wrote a poem in the beginning of this year, 2011, and I'll share it for you. It talks about the feeling of an empty nest, an empty home, a place where it used to be filled with loved ones, dear animals, and dear folks. But now, they are all gone. Plus, I used to have my dear family with me. However, for one reason or another, they parted. Most of them are in Heaven, others live in New York. My broken heart is still bleeding for them. The wound won't ever heal. I miss them a great deal!!

"The empty nest." (Poem)

If I weep in the darkest night,

Would you wipe my tears away?

If I laugh in a broad day light,

Would you laugh with me in the same way?

If I blend my soul under the rain,

Would you soak yours to embrace my heart?

If my eyes smile like an open rose,

Would you smile back, stay and never part?

If I put music into this song,

Would you listen to my lyrical seduction?

If I blend my words to make them rhyme,

Would you take the time to listen with satisfaction?

The loved ones only drifted away...

One took time to show a loving care.

What else could one say?

The love inside like a petal only drifted away,

Parted on separate ways,

And only emptiness was replaced in there.

I suffer the syndrome of the empty nest.

Would you pause for a while,

And answer my prayer request?

I'll talk to mountains, birds or the moon.

I'll still gather flowers that in your heart may bloom.

Author: Starry Dawn.

P.S.: I wrote this post as a personal request from sweet dear friend, Sarah. She was one of my first followers. She is a great author and inspirational blogger. Thank you in advance for visiting my sites, dear friends!! Until we write again...