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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Monday, November 28, 2011



The agony of living
Makes my heart cry out.
The pain won't stop.
To my heartaches, I'm bound.
My tears drop, I let out a shout.

No Doctors on Earth may cure my sores,
For all scars are engraved in my soul.
I'm falling down the hill,
For my self-esteem is so poorly low.

No one could heal me, but Jesus.
His Holy wisdom and guidance
Make my life whole,
For what Jesus is the lover of my soul.

My time is not His time.
Our Lord's time is Eternity and forever.
He's the real life giver,
And the lover of my soul.

I wish to sing my song in front of a huge audience, and collect funds for donations to help the ones in need. I can sing too!!...
I love to help humans and animals in need. I would love to be the voice of the voiceless for a better world.
I would love to donate to the ones in need.
I believe in a BROTHERHOOD OF CHRISTIANS IN ACTION, the fact to help one another for a better world.
A true Christian should help brothers and sisters in Christ.
God has set a plan for each of us in our lives.

Thursday, November 24, 2011



God be with you this day and always in peace, health & joy with your dear family and beloved ones.
Have a wonderful day with your family gathering!
You are all invited to our table to share friendship love and food with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Will you come over?...
Many people and animals worldwide feel hungry, lonely, unloved, unwanted. Please, share a prayer this day for those in need. Your voice rises to Heaven, and will be heard by God as you pray.
Love in Christ,
Poet Starry.
I'm a humble servant of the Lord in a Brotherhood of Christians in Action. Let your good heart help the ones in need! Do not turn your back to the helpless in a selfish way! A good Christian shows with actions what his/her heart holds inside. Actions speak louder than words.
Have a warm heart and a healing hand! Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tales from Overseas. "The Orphan."

Tales from Overseas. "The Orphan."

The pics were taken from the Internet. One of the pictures in this post shows an abandoned overseas baby next to homeless dogs who protected it until help arrived. How do these things happen?? I wonder...

This overseas story is about a child who was born an orphan, but when he grew up, he was born again in Christ when he became a Christian.
Long ago, I used to volunteer giving charity for the homeless, humans and animals in need. We were a group of Christians gathering food, clothing and other items at a local hospital, Church, or humane society. In my childhood, my dear mother used to do the same kind of charity for the ones in need. She had a big heart for the needy ones.
Gazing upon a nostalgic horizon, I recall to have helped a small hungry man in his early 40's, who was skin and bones. I offered him meals at home and also clothing to keep him warm from the cold weather. He spent time with my family at table in many occasions. He was grateful to us, so he began to tell his story. He was born an orphan, and he grew up in an orphanage as a little child.
His mother had left him at a hospital when he was born. So, born with an abnormal palate and leporim lips, he was unable to swallow milk or other fluids normally, for they came out through his nostrils. He had hard times with breathing as well. He would tell his old tales with his funny voice many years later. Just for the grace of God, this orphan baby had been saved thanks the kind hearted nurses at the orphanage and hospital. I think those nurses were instruments of God. God's will was to save that baby orphan. I noticed that he would smile most of the time as a grown up and showed a positive attitude even in nasty living conditions. Perhaps, he may have smiled as a baby too, and might have won people's hearts with his lovely smile. I am just wondering...
His name is Horace, and still alive in his early 70's. I've just felt that I should tell his story to the world. Horace lived with so many other orphan children like himself. At the age of 5, he was sent to another orphanage for adoption. This child would wait for a good caring and loving home. People do not even realize what it would be like living behind those walls, I guess. Telling the story in a nutshell, his life had always been at stake, in a verge of ending at the hands of careless evil doers. In other words, his life was not touched by many blessings, but much suffering to bear instead.
To his misfortune, he was adopted at the age of 7 by cruel farmers who made him work so hard out in the fields as a little slave. Other farmers had also done the same kind of cruel practices with other orphans and homeless children overseas. They only adopted them from the orphanage to abuse them in slavery as children's cheap labour. Other corrupted and perverted folks even used them as beggars in the streets, or used them for even worse indicent practices, like prostitution in children. In past history, evil doers might even have used homeless children and the poor people in experiments. Needless to say, how concerned I have been regarding missing children and missing people in all corners of this Earth. I know that these things might happen in other parts of the world. It really hurts to know that these things indeed, happened. How could humans be so cruel and evil?? I wonder why...
Going back to the story, those cruel people had not sent him to school, neither care for the boy's well-being. So, he turned to be illiterate at that point in time. They often beated the poor child, if he would not obey to work harder. The poor child ended up running away to a much bigger farm in another town, for he would have no other choice. He had left that farm riding on a horseback out in the field. He would soon turn to become a real expert in horseback riding. He would become a jockey for a short while later on.
The people in the new farm were wealthy, kind and warm hearted. They helped him survive bad storms in his childhood and in his early teens. He would even be able to go to school for a while there in town, so that he would learn how to read and write a little bit.
Years later, when the boy would be in his early 20's, the wealthy lady would pay for his oral surgery and recovery in hospital. Soon after he got better, he would leave the farm lifestyle and go into a big city where he would remain for the rest of his life.
The orphan child in this tale would become a grown up man for the grace of God. He indeed survived, although he would remain very thin, just skin and bones, throughout his entire life, due to malnutrition during his early stages of his childhood.
One day, I met him over 20 years ago in a big city. I felt compassion in my heart for the way he looked like, so thin and starved looking man. He was working very hard in a small local supermarket doing the cleaning in the afternoon. The big city was overcrowded with all kind of things, but he would prefer the city life over the rural one.
I was back then, shopping and buying some groceries there, and coming back home from a multinational company which had hired English teachers overseas. Our job was basically to train and teach American English to Executives (CEO). I met some wonderful American teachers overseas. I gently spoke to the man in this story, and he would listen to me. Since then on, we established a friendship bond. I began to talk about God, and God's plan in his life.
I sent him food, clothing and other kind of help in any way I could. Poverty is very hard to endure in such heartless terms. He has remained skin and bones, but he is always grateful to the Lord, and often shows the best of his loving smile in return of kindness. He told me that he was born again in Christ. He went to a local Church to speak with the priest, because he truly wanted to be baptized. His life would change afterwards. Horace has become a Christian. Praise the Lord!!
He has grown older, but I am truly glad that I have met him. He has been an inspiration in my life. We praise the Lord in all circumstances. This is a true and touching story.

Let us pray!!.....
We often patiently go about the daily routines of life. Perhaps, we are waiting for God to reveal a more exciting plan for our lives. Ask God to show you the potential, even this time in your life of seeming insignificance to become a meaningful and effective service for Him. God can make every passage of life worthwhile.
Dear Lord,
Lead my way where You want me to go, shape me, mold me, let me become the person you want me to be, in order to please and serve You more deeply. Lord, I am Your humble servant, and a soldier for Christ in this world. Thank You for forgiving my sins!! I am waiting to hear Your voice in my heart. Please, show me the way, Lord. Thank You for listening to our prayers!! In Jesus's Almighty Name, I pray. AMEN.
In God's Garden,
Starry Dawn.
P.S.: I am still overseas and unwell. I'll soon go for general health check ups and rehabilitation. I'll post until Christmas 2011. Hubby and I will go on Summer Vacation, if that is God's will. So then, I'll take a long writing break. I really need it...
I must take good care of my health before making further plans for our lives. That is a must do, if I wish to attend to my family reunion in the Spring of 2012 in New York. Without a good health, we are nothing, but dust in the wind.....

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Are these Oil Paintings worth a thousand dollars? What do you think? I wonder...

Are these Oil Paintings worth a thousand dollars? What do you think? I wonder...

My fellowman (71), a Physician General Surgeon & Plastic Surgeon, and I live in a Penthouse Tower Apartment Building overlooking the big city lights at the present time. He speaks several European languages, such as Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese. He is basically a Scientist who does research scientific work, travels, speaks in conferences, and teaches his knowledge to other colleagues. We met in one of my trips to his land long ago. Hopefully, Paul will RETIRE soon, although he does not know exactly when. In the meantime, we live together in the Southern Hemisphere where he was born, lived, studied Science and Medicine, graduated and worked all his life. He also teaches Surgical Procedures to young Medical Residents at the Hospital School. As you may know, Time Zones change according to where you stand in the world, whether you live in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. For example, while United States, Canada and Europe are going into Winter Time around Christmas, other places such as South American Countries, South Africa, Australia, etc. will enter Summer Time soon. In other words, the weather is very different according to Time Zones. I am an American Citizen, a Christian mother and grandmother, so I keep doing good deeds and traveling round the world as I please  -whenever God tells me to go, if that is God's will, and if My Health Issues allow me to. I used to travel a lot, when I was younger and healthier. Now, I have been slowing down due to my aging process and health issues. I could only trust in the Almighty Heavenly Father, who can perform miracles at a single touch and heal me from head to toe, if that is His will. I could only pray and hope for a better life, a promising future ahead of me, and that is all I could do in the meantime. I am waiting for a better life coming to me in the near future. You see, my fellowman will take his Vacation during the Summer in our Time Zone. It gets very hot in the Rainforest Area, you know. If I am doing OK. by then, we'll move ahead and go somewhere to a lovely place to rest our tired and worned out bodies. Then, when we come back, if I am healthy enough, I'll be packing my suitcases again and head for New York in the Spring of 2012 for a family gathering with my dear daughter and grandchildren. At least, these are our plans, yet we are not sure if all will work out well for us...
We make lots of plans for our future, yet we'll see what happens, if God allows us to keep on living.....
Dr. Paul and I live on the top floor overviewing the big city lights, a huge apartment with a private balcony, plus a whole terrace on top -as a separate quarters in another floor upstairs. There is a ladder communicating both floors. He also owns his private medical office downstairs. Of course, he knows his neighbors, almost everybody in his Tower Building.
I have just heard that one of his neighbors downstairs brought a homeless pregnant German Shorthair Braco female dog. She is expecting 6 puppies next week. I would love to help this beautiful female dog with her puppies. I'll do my best trying to find and place her 6 puppies in loving homes. I have been helping homeless animals for so many years. I am an animal lover & advocate for the ones in need. I'm a Conservationist of Our Natural Environment Protection, an Animal Lover & Advocate for the helpless, and  the voice of the voiceless. I have been a busy, multi-task lady most of my life, but unfortunately, my health issues have got to slow me down a lot.
This gentle neighbor found the homeless pregnant dog roaming in the garbage in the streets, and he picked her up and brought her to his apartment. He also took the dog to the Veterinarian for her health care, and he said that she is pregnant, and the due date for the delivery of 6 puppies will be at anytime next week. I'll take some pictures of her as soon as I can.
There is also another neighbor downstairs, who is an artist painter, and she has offered me one of her Oil Paintings for a thousand dollars, if I would like to buy some of her Art.
I am not sure whether I'll buy it or not. I must save some money for my plane ticket to New York. I would love your oppinion about that, dear Online friends. I posted the Oil Paintings that I like the most: "Evening drinks on the rocks", "Dreaming woman", and "Tiger." They are one thousand dollars each. Are they worth it?? I wonder...
I got a Dentist appointment for this coming Friday early in the afternoon. I got a bad tooth which may have triggered the neuralgia in my head. I'll see what happens...
Thank you in advance for visiting my site, dear Online friends!!
God may bless you all!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

"The Update about Starry's Health Issues."

"The Update about Starry's Health Issues."

I could see now that the skin in my legs begins to break where the varicose veins are placed, due to a bad swelling and a bad edema over there. I am so scared!!
The neuralgia (pain) has been dreadful that takes my breath away or leaves me in a nervous breakdown with a reflex tachycardia (fast heartbeat). My overweight is killing me too.
If that is God's will, I should begin with my physical therapy soon, which involves exercise and walking outdoors daily. It is hard to do though, with my health conditions of overweight and pain.
I pray to the Lord on daily basis to help me heal!!...
You see, I undergo several health issues combined inside me. I got a bad swelling in my body, especially limbs, legs and feet. The edema, the lymphedema is due to a malfunction in my Lymphatic System. The lymph extracellular fluids concentrated in my body, and not performing its proper physiology have been making my life rather miserable.
The pain even causes a bad stammer in me. I can hardly talk when I am in pain...
My fellowman, a Physician Surgeon, usually gives me strong pain killers, like injections of BETAMETHASONE (CORTISONE) whenever I need it. Perhaps, that is the cause of the swelling...
I don't know what is going on with my health. I know that I feel unwell for so long. Now, I've also got a bad tooth, and I am scared...
I am afraid to say, but -as you may realize, all these things, physical, emotional and personal matters, slow me down a great deal. I am so sorry about that!! I hope you understand me. Please, forgive me...
God may bless you all, dear readers!!
Poet Starry Dawn.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

"We have grown together." (My song-lyrics dedicated to Grandparents.)

"We have grown together."
(My song-lyrics dedicated to Grandparents.)

Our lifetime together began at High School.
Our days were happy and long.
We shared fun and laughter at our Senior Prom.
Our dream love began one starry night
Under the moon so bright.
Music swayed with our rhythmical heartbeats.
You kissed me on the cheek.
We began our journey together and forever.
I surely admit that we've had our ups and downs.
But, our strong love has gone through it all.
No matter what you have said or done,
I've always been there at your single call.

We began our journey a long time ago.
We shared fun, joy and laughter.
Our love went through it all.
We loved each other without boundaries,
And drew our hearts on the wall.
My sweet angel mate,
We have grown together in love.
God's richest blessings
Were sent to us from above.

As time goes by, we've seen our children growing so big...
They've even got married and created their family tree.
We could happily sing that our seeds are finally free.
The evolution burns time...
-As time goes by- the mirror on the wall
Portrays our face's lines and much gray hair.
But, my lifetime sweetheart still loves me.
Our loving hearts are always there.
Now, we both tell old tales
To our grandchildren by the fireplace.
We have grown older together, we happily sing,
And the children smile with their beautiful face.
As time goes by, the days feel much shorter,
The years have gone fast,
As we've watched our children grow.
But, our lifetime flame will always last.

We began our journey a long time ago.
We shared fun, joy and laughter,
Our love went through it all.
We loved each other without boundaries,
And drew our hearts on the wall.
My sweet angel mate,
We have grown together in love.
God's richest blessings were sent to us from above.

These song-lyrics are dedicated to Grandparents.
I let you know that I'll take a long break after Christmas 2011, due to my health issues and personal reasons. 
Thank you in advance for visiting my space in Blogland, and for being great Online friends!!
We could still EMAIL, if you wish to remain in touch with me.
God may bless you all!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011



Dear Readers,
Thank you so much for your kind prayers and caring ways!!
I let you know the updates about MY HEALTH ISSUES.
I have been undergoing a dreadful pain for so long. Anyway, I am not afraid to die, because that final event will come as a blessing from the Lord sooner or later to relieve my suffering in this world.
I understand the aging process that has a lot to do with it. I include some pics for all of you, dear readers, a photo of the city view from my window on top of a tower building, plus some older pics of me with my dear aunts who dwell in Heaven with the Lord, happy moments in my life that I still cherish. I also include the X-RAYS of my head, neck and left jaw with my physical injuries.
You see, in October of 2008, I had a serious surgery that left me disabled in some ways. I had an ovarian tumor. Surgeons removed my lower mesenterium or epiploon -as a prevention for future cancer, along with the ovarian tumor and gyn organs related; they also trimmed my birth channel. It still hurts right there, plus my bladder when I sit down for a long time. I also get very stiff, and my lower limbs (legs and feet) begin to swell. Shortly afterwards, I experienced a swift and very fast aging process that showed dramatically from inside and out. After that kind of surgery, I have never been the same again. My mood, my skin, my bones, my eyes, my attitude in society changed. Now, I am very moody. My skin is very sensitive and dry that it could easily break, my bones and eyes hurt, and I feel angry, misunderstood and frustrated most of the time. I feel hurt for little reasons, I also cry and scream so easily. I slowly became a bipolar patient with paranoid and emotional disorders. You see, I am too sensitive that I am not able to interact in society the way I used to. I WAS A VICTIM OF ABUSE & DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SINCE MY EARLY CHILDHOOD TO MOST OF MY LIFETIME. These traumatic experiences left their marks not only outside my body, but also inside my mind. Last Monday, I had to go to Hospital for my regular health check ups. Dr. Paul, my longtime companion, is a Physician Surgeon at the Emergency Room, so that he made things easier for me. I got X-Rays taken from my head, upper left jaw, neck and back bone. I got an acute inflammation (neuralgia) of my left upper jaw, due to chewing my teeth while I sleep at night. I also got an inflammatory process in my back bone and neck. It is called Osteoarthrosis. When the Winter Time wind blows on me, or the weather changes to lower digits somehow, I easily get a sore throat and laryngophony, due to my laryngopharyngitis that hurts my vocal cords in my sensitive larynx. When I get that, I am unable to talk or sing at that point. I love to sing!! So, I must take good care of my throat, and the other things in my poor body and mind. You may know that I am an Asthma & Allergy sufferer, an overweight lady with a swelling body, legs and feet as well, on top of everything else. I can hardly move, so they have to push me in a wheel-chair round the Airports. My eyes are weak too.
The U.S. Embassy Overseas do not relocate American patients back home to the States, if they are sick. They would have to pay for their medical bills while abroad, or pay fees for an AirPlane Ambulance to pick them up as American patients overseas. Of course, if they don't have money to pay, they'll be in real troubles. Americans should double check before traveling overseas, especially if they travel alone. Strangers might take a U.S. Passport, Credit Cards, Bank Cards, and/or other I.D.'s of American travelers. So, be extra careful if you travel overseas! Keep your eyes open! 
It's more safe to stay closer to the U.S. borders.
Writing has been a lovely therapy for me. I`ve been doing it for so long. I`ve always loved to post my poems, songs, stories, tales, thoughts, inspirational tales, and so on. However, I ought to take a break from it. I hope and pray that you may understand me. Anyway, I shall go ahead for a few more weeks until Christmas 2011. Then, I'll go to a lovely place for My Rehabilitation on a Summer Break with my fellowman. You see, it is almost Summer Time in the Southern Hemisphere, like South America, South Africa, Australia, etc. Then, when we come back from our Summer Vacation, if that is God's will, I'll be getting ready to pack my suitcases again, and go to New York for our family reunion in the Spring of 2012. Paul and I make plans to adopt a female kitten to bright up our days. We'll call her Starry Harvey. We still have Frank, a Seal Point Siamese who will be 17 years old next March 2012, if that is God's will. Sonya and Ositoy will also be 11 in March next year. So, we love the company of our dear beloved animals, and we can't live without them.
We must realize the fact that time is running out for everyone sooner or later...
Kind Regards to All Readers,