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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Friday, February 14, 2014



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Monday, February 3, 2014

"A True Story in Yonkers Pier by the Hudson River, New York."

"A True Story in Yonkers Pier by the Hudson River, New York."

I could recall the Story of the Beggars in Yonkers Pier (Yonkers Train Station) in New York State. I felt sorry for them, since they had no home, no shelter, no food, no bed to sleep, no family, no love. They were HOMELESS. 
This story happened about 16 years ago or so...
This True Story was about Beggars living in the bushes by the Hudson River at Yonkers Pier. They fished in the water and bathed in the Hudson River. I had seen them doing that. They also begged at 42nd Street in New York City, or other places in Train Stations.
One morning, I walked to the Pier by the Hudson River looking for peace and quiet. I had been weeping for a long time with an acute depressed state of mind. Then, I could recall a rather young looking man in his early 40´s approaching me.
I replied: "Why do you care??..."
At this time, I do not remember how the conversation went on...

To tell this tale in brief words…
This story ended up with me buying food at White Castle for the two beggars, who were dwelling by the Hudson River in Yonkers Pier next to the Train Station.
We had small meals together, gazing upon the Hudson River and the Palisades Hills in Rockland County, New York. The two beggars lived in the bushes by the pier, or sleeping in Train Stations. 
I felt Happy helping them while I was there. I still remember them...
They were U.S.Veterans from the Vietnam War, and ending up in deepest poverty. It was so sad for me to see American War Heroes, who fought for their country, ending up living in such poverty and loneliness back home in their home land. 
I still remember their names, Jimmy and Carl Patterson. 
They were still young fellows back then, both with blonde hair and deep blue eyes glowing like gorgeous sapphires. 
I remember Jimmy swimming on the Hudson River waters, and Carl fishing by the Hudson River Bay.

I send my thoughts and prayers in Christ for them. God may bless them, and be with them in this Season, and always! I hope and pray that they are still alive today. I still pray to God to find these fellows wherever they might be, and get somebody to help them. They deserve to live a normal life, just like everybody else. They indeed, cheered me up at that time about 16 years ago or so. I was very sad, lonely and crying so badly in despair. But, they both wiped my tears away with their words of encouragement and moral support.
They called me "Blondie."  They never knew my real name...
Well, at this point in time, there are no more lonely nights. I've found out there is a Jazz & Blues Band playing music once a week during the Summer Season at the Yonkers Pier by the Hudson River in New York. 
It's funny how things changed through time...

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