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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Have a Blessed Memorial Day!!

Have a Blessed Memorial Day!!


Monday, May 21, 2012

"Journeys of a Lifetime & Other Blogs."

"Journeys of a Lifetime & Other Blogs."

I dislike rainy days, for they bring back my deepest blues. Trying to while away the time, I can hear -from up our tower penthouse apartment- the whimper of two dogs which were left alone by their owner on a wet terrace downstairs. They shiver in the cold rain. The furry black sheep dog was talking to his friend, the old bald golden dog, but he would not move.
He might have died. And I hope not...
I just can't tolerate abandonment of the helpless, cruel abuses and harsh violence in any form. I have once felt hungry, freezing cold, homeless, forsaken. It's certainly a dreadful feeling!! Now, I am able to say that Jesus has rescued me at all times. Praise the Lord for His mercy on us!!
It's still raining hard in my corner of the world. My mind is slowly moving towards a soothing positive thought. Then, I hear a lovely tune playing on my mind...
Would you read my poems??...
Would you read my stories and random thoughts??
I wonder...

Children's Song.

I'm a sweet mom whale
Singing in the rain!!
I sail to places in the sun,
To the rainbow too.
I don't sing my blues,
I just sing for you.
I'm a sweet mom whale.
I've got many children.
They are my super cats.
I love them so much!!
You've got to feel
Their loving touch.
Oh, yes!! This love is for real!!
My super cats got healing powers.
It's their healing love
Embracing you with blessing showers.
I can't live without their love!!
I can't live without their love!!

Author: Poet Starry.

If you are a new follower, I tell you something about myself, if you care to read...
I am a stay-at home disabled Christian grandmother without a paying job. My hubby, who is an almost retired Physician and E.R. Chief Surgeon at a Public Hospital Overseas, has been taking care of me, and my health issues for a long time. He is a war baby, for he was born during the Second World War. He likes to study issues about Wars Worldwide. I love him to death!! I am a baby boomer. I was born much after the II World War, but actually within the first decade afterwards.
I hardly go outside, for it's just too dangerous for Americans to go round alone in wild corners overseas. It's my own choice, because the door is wide open, yet I don't dare to trespass. 
I've got troubles with walking anyway, and I am scared.
So, hubby neither allows me to travel by myself nor live alone without proper home care.
I guess he cares for my well-being and worries too much for me...
Due to my chronic illness, which I have already mentioned in my older posts, I should take medications and get health supervisions for a lifetime.
My daughter did not call me on Mother's Day. I guess she is too busy with her own life in New York.
As you may realize, in other words, it seems as if the day won't end, and there are endless hours to fill up the day. We should choose what to do to fill up these empty hours with positive inputs and good deeds no matter where you are. There is always hope after the rain, for the rain won't last forever...
I have chosen WRITING, and REACHING OUT TO HELP THE ONES IN NEED, whether they would be humans or animals at stake. I believe that is my wondrous call from God, the master plan He has set for my life, and no matter where I go, I shall always carry that sort of mission worldwide.

I recall loving memories from my childhood...
My dear daddy used to take me to the Zoo at least once a month on Sunday. My dad and mom also brought me to Circus in our local areas where animals were displayed for the enjoyment of the public. Many children were there smiling and having a good time. I admit that seeing lovely animals were one of my favourite places to go to. I also loved to watch films involving animals of the world, and listen to my mom sweet bedtime stories...
Needless to say, I began to feel so sorry for helpless animals at the Zoo or Circus who were in poor conditions, confined in cages or small places and badly abused. Back then as a child, I heard their sad outcry for help, and I felt so sorry... As you can imagine, I broke down inside and cried aloud...
Back then as a child, I began to develop my true feeling to become a rescuer as an adult for the ones in need of help, humans and animals as well.
I do not see anything wrong for doing these sort of good deeds.
What do you think as a reader?? Is it worthwhile??...

I only write from time to time, or when I've got something meaningful to say.
My Blogs are separated according to their subject matters. They are different from one another. So, I had better place them in their own special space online.
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Welcome Aboard, dear readers!!
In God's Vineyard,
Poet Starry.

Monday, May 7, 2012

"A Castle in the Hills."

"A Castle in the Hills."

Long ago, when I was a little girl and lived in a big city with my mother and my Italian grandmother, who shared the joy of my upbringing while my daddy was at work, I used to gape through the glass door in our balcony on the second floor.
I was puzzled then, to see so many beautiful horses pulling wagons downstairs in the streets bringing veggies, fruits, small livestock and other wordly goods for the peddlers to the sales market place. I felt sorry when folks would treat them harshly.
People gathered to buy cheap food in a rush. I was astonished to see horses and other farm animals that were brought to the fair for similar purposes. My young heart would be left astray watching people's greedy hearts full of wrath.
The fair was taken place on weekends. Then, I would hear the hooves on the trotting stallions approaching the neighborhood, and I would rush to the glass wall to gape at the feast.
I would still gape at similar situations throughout my lifetime...
As a little girl around 6 or 7, I could not help feeling hurt inside for what my young eyes would have to watch every single weekend. Mistreatment and violence were never my style.
I was born a dreamer, an artist, a pro-life living being with all sort of good deeds inside my young heart. So, it was dreadful for me to catch a glimpse of those shattered, horrid, bloody memories of my childhood with so many things going on in the wrong way. My world was rather small, yet then I began to dream in expanding my world to other greater ventures with high goals and lasting moral values.
As a little child, I began to think that those kind of grown-up adults would never become my role models. In fact, in my childhood, I began to develop the first outlines of my present philosophy of life. God was always there guiding my steps...

Since my early childhood, I dreamed of living on top of the mountains surrounded by mother nature, birds and other precious animals, so that I might be getting closer to Heaven...
Perhaps, I was dreaming of living in a castle on the hills, a bluish yonder hill intimately entwined with the valley below.
I could still hear now, the gallop of those stallions flying freely in the blue horizon, and I could still hear my throbbing heart on top of the mountain or gazing out the window...
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Have a blessed day!!
In God's Garden,
Poet Starry.