Welcome to My New Blog!! Planet Earth is a dazzling blue planet. The Sun, our Star glows like an ember lying on a blanket of the Milky Way Galaxy. The glamour of its majestic beauty is sparkling like a sprinkle of dew in the giant Universe. We share our beautiful common home, our world filled with natural wonders, biodiversity, wonderful animals, human culture footprints of different origins, time and places in modern spectrums and ancient history. This writer, poet, artist has a great respect for life. This Blog will share journeys and journals into the past, as well as poems, inspirational stories, tales, random thoughts, art work and pictures in our present world. Writing is a Good Therapy for the Soul. Helping others motivates me in The Journey of Life. Welcome Aboard!!

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Glaciers and Life at the End of the World.

Glaciers and Life at the End of the World.
This NASA Photo shows a DEAD STAR in a distance GALAXY in our UNIVERSE.
Life is certainly too short. I think we should choose whatever makes us happy. Show your loved ones how much you care, you'll never regret the time you uplift your family, friends and beloved ones in prayers. God is always there to listen to you. Our dear Lord and Savior is our best friend, the only One who will never fail us, whom we could trust forever. Time will go on...
You'll find inner peace when you begin to exercise compassion in your heart. Set your mind to achieve final goals with lasting moral values. It'll certainly be a memorable experience. Set your high goals to reach a little further in your way, you'll soon find whatever you are looking for. Learn how to smile frequently, laughter is a great medicine for your soul. Take one day at a time and go that extra mile. You'll find golden rewards in Heaven and also down here on Earth.
One of the worst things that could happen to a person is to have an amputated spirit, which may lead to an amputated or stolen future. Freedom of will is the key of a successful life. Respect and treat others the way you wish to be treated. Respect is the main ingredient of harmony in relationships.
In my personal case, writing is my therapy, and I do it with passion. I felt an impact in my artwork, as if I were touched by a slice of Heaven.
My experience in the Internet World began in 2005, when I joined Christian American Poetry Forums. In 2009, I began to Blog. The experience has been certainly rewarding, since I met many wonderful Online friends worldwide. I wish you have a happy time around here...
Planet Earth is a dazzling blue planet. The Sun, our star glows like an ember lying on a blanket of the Milky Way Galaxy. It's sparkling like a sprinkle of dew in the giant Universe. We share our common home, our world filled with natural wonders, biodiversity, human culture footprints of different origins, time and places in modern spectrums and ancient history.
I really love to share my poetry, stories, tales, thoughts, pictures, and so much more. I hope you enjoy reading my older posts, since my blogs will still remain Online although I pause for a while.
Anyway, I let you know that I'll take long breaks from writing, due to my health issues, personal matters and my journeys overseas.
I have experimented a dramatic change in my life's journey. It settled down in my whole being as a spiritual transformation, like winters go into springs, and nights into day lights. The Lord has touched my life with His Celestial connection, and He has enabled me to establish a wonderful Heavenly communication. Praise the Lord for His blessings on us, the children of God!
The peach shades of the sky at twilight resemble fruitful shred of clouds or falling twigs dancing with the dim light. Watch the nature in motion and stand in awe!
The endless repertory of tempos in the peerless nature glow, and birds sing with an enchanting pleasure. Their magical music play in the land leaving deep paths or tracks in the sand. Seashells in the seashore are stored by the waves in motion. Rain!! God's draining tears roaming in wondrous proportion. When the road gets rough..., and the crossing gets tough, ask the Lord to help you pass, and lead you to safety in your path. Life is certainly not a bed of roses. Many times, it's a road of thorns, find the best way on a table of choices, something special to make you grow in all forms. If you have got the talent, just follow your inner visions, for there will be in these conditions, where you'll find success in doing your best. There is always a stream of hope at the end of the tunnel.
If daily struggles make you weary or blue, motivate yourself with little things that life is showing you. Mold your inner being the way you want it to be. See the marvel of God's beautiful world. Watch the ocean waves moving beneath the sun. I love watching sunsets in the horizon. It's so much fun!...Cast your burdens in God's hands. Take one day at a time. Bury your worries so far away. You'll see much brighter days. Make the best of every hour in your life. Don't let the last straw drag you down! Don't ever lose hope, for God will give you strength! Be the raider of your life, the power is inside yourself, that is the way to deal with every day as life prevails. The real winner lies within yourself. I know I have found it inside my heart. Praise the Lord, you are alive!!
Wildlife Photographer, Daniel Cox caught these heartbreaking photos of thousands Emperor Penguins grieving the unknown massive death of their babies in the ice platform of Larsen Riiser in ANTARCTICA in January 2011. Amazing feelings!!
Human overpopulation growth worlwide is the number one cause of other species extinction. In 50 years from now, I wonder, what is going to happen to humans when living species are all perished and extinct from the face of the Earth? What will our grandchildren think about the world we leave for them and for future generations? Selfishness is a serious sin, I think. Our dear Lord, Jesus gave His own life for the love of the world. A caring loving heart is a blessing from God, and the true meaning of being a real Christian, to help the ones in need with a compassionate and generous heart.
I call it, Christians in Action. Actions speak louder than words...
You see, we should be aware that places and time frame keep on changing according to where you stand in the world, from deserts to arcades of blue glaciers, from facade of high mountains to the deep blue sea, glitter lakes, drifting rivers, and rainbow of all sort of colors decorate our breathtaking mother nature, God's Creations. Wherever you go, you'll see the footprints of our Almighty Father, God everywhere...
Last evening, I was talking to the father of my computer teacher. He will have a heart surgery this coming Friday. I pray for his dear life. He is 78 years old. This kind gentleman was telling me his old story when he departed Europe at the age of 18 in a US Ship. That kind of Ship was used during the II World War to transport American soldiers to Europe. But then, it was used to transport European Immigrants to South American East-Southern Coast. He said that thousands of Europeans from all over Europe were on board at that time. He was talking about times after the II World War. He said that he had slept in a huge dorm with many other European Immigrants where American soldiers used to sleep. He ate in a huge dining-room with the other European immates where American soldiers used to eat during II World War times. He said that poverty in Europe after the II World War was devastated for its people. So, many left to American lands, either North or South for better days and a brighter future.
The landscape looks so different at the End of the World, just like in the photos I share...
This is how the landscape looks like at the End of the World.
It is called, "Perito Moreno Glacier."
Teaching a little bit about History, you know, Port Madryn in Chubut, SA. was found in 1865 by 150 Welsh British people who arrived there in a Ship called, "Mimosa." They settled down and found several other towns such as Rawson, Trevelin, Trelew, Port Madryn, Gaiman, and so on. Their settlements brought a new language, different lifestyles and loving ways to the area.
Many tourists from round the world go there to visit the Sea Life, such as Whales, Penguins, Sea-Wolves and other living species who are threatened for extinction, if humans do not stop hunting them forever. I share some photos of Port Madryn areas...
Tourists at Whales' sights in Port Madryn, Chubut, SA.
Tourists at the beach in Port Madryn, where Whales roam freely looking for their loving partners and having their babies in the Ocean. Amazing wonders of nature!!
Friendly Whale by Port Madryn. Worldwide Tourists gather there to view them...
Ten Million Years Old Whale Fossil was found in the Cliff of Port Madryn by Scientists.
Some special species of Penguins are found at Port Madryn.

One could even easily see Sea-Wolves and Seals at first sight...
Tourists on a Boat Tour round the breathtaking view lakes in the area...
This Vacation Retreat is rather expensive, as you may realize.
Dog and Seal are happily playing in the water.
Breathtaking views at The End of the World. It's worthwhile to see...
A couple of loving Sea-Wolves.
Futalaufquen Mountain Lake, Chubut.
The town of Gaiman is famous for its exquisite Welsh Tea and Welsh Cakes.
Princess of Wales, Lady Di visited Gaiman, the New Wales in SA.
This girl with Welsh Ancestry was made The Queen of Whales in Trelew, SA.
I hope you enjoy reading my articles.
Have a blessed week, dear readers!!
Poet Starry Dawn.

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Treat for Waterfall Lovers.

A Treat for Waterfall Lovers.

I've got some blogger's friends who really love waterfalls. So, I have been thinking in posting a few great photos of one of the best Waterfalls in the World, The Iguazu Falls. They are located in the South-East Side of the Amazon Rainforest in South America.
I hope you enjoy looking at the pics, and reading my poem.
It's my real pleasure to share my poems, stories, pictures and thoughts with you.
I wrote this poem a few years back. I called it:
"The Empty Nest."

If I weep in the darkest night,
Would you wipe my tears away?
If I laugh in a broad day light,
Would you laugh in the same way?
If I blend my soul under the rain,
Would you soak yours to embrace my heart?
If my eyes smile like an opened rose,
Would you smile back, stay and never part?
This particular site of the Iguazu Falls is called "The Devil Throat."
If I sing my rhyming songs,
Would you pause and listen to my music?
If I dream my big dreams,
Would you be happy, and let me dream?
I suffer the syndrome of the empty nest.
Would you pause for a while,
And answer my prayer request?
I talk to birds, mountains, and even the moon.
I gather flowers and poems,
So that -in your heart- they'll bloom.

Author: Poet Starry Dawn.
I hope you enjoy reading my poems, stories and other posts.
Please, before you leave, have a cup of tea with a delicious Welsh Black Cake, one of my favourite cakes!
Have a blessed weekend, my friends!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Back Home in New York from Vacations...

Back Home in New York from Vacations.

My dear family is back home in New York from their Vacations.
My dear family, my daughter and my 3 grandchildren are back home in New York, the City that never sleeps... They went on Vacations to Ecuador, South America. My daughter's father-in-law is from Ecuador, and he has 3 homes, 2 in New York, and one in Ecuador, a place closer to the beach. This place is so beautiful!!...
My daughter and my 3 grandchildren are a lucky family after all...
Look at the beach, it looks like a paradise on earth!!...
My dear grandson with his little sister, my youngest granddaughter at the beach.
My first and eldest granddaughter with her other grandmother at a local fair,
my daughter's mother-in-law.
My daughter's father-in-law is from Ecuador, South America. But, he has been living in New York for over 50 years of his lifetime. My daughter's mother-in-law is from a Caribbean Island. She has also been living in New York for over 50 years of her lifetime. Their 3 children, including my daughter's husband, were all born in New York over 44 years ago...
My growing grandson is giving a tough New York look to the camera...
He is a black belt in Karate-Do. He also does wrestling at School.
My grandson would like to be a Dentist when he grows up. He plays football very well.
My first and eldest granddaughter. She wants to be a Lawyer and a Judge as an adult.
The Baby, my youngest granddaughter. She is over 3 years old.
In this photo, my eldest granddaughter is in her uncle's home in New York. Her uncle, the brother of her father, is a Civil Engineer and works at the World Trade Center in the project of a New Crystal Building. The new building is replacing the famous New York Twin Towers.
I have already packed my suitcases, but my family did not pick me up...
I guess I am a burden for them, so they have left me behind...
I have troubles with walking. So, I would need the assistance of somebody to pull my
wheel-chair round the Airports, and in other huge places. I can hardly walk... It's true!!
I know that I was not a lucky lady. The father of my only daughter tried to kill me many times. I was badly abused, not only physically, but also mentally. I am a survivor. Praise the Lord!!
This is the main reason why I love to help the ones in need, and be the voice of the voiceless.
Have a blessed time, dear readers!!
Poet Starry Dawn.