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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I was a sick little girl as far as I can remember since my early childhood. The worst part that took place in my little body was diseases related with my throat and lungs, such as bronchitis, laryngitis, and then the deadly asthma attacks. I could not breathe! My mom was desperate. She took great care of me day and night. I still see in my mind my dear mom next to my bed crying for her child and praying for me. 

 (This is an old photo of my maternal grandparents, my dear mom and me as a baby.)

My mom did NOT LET ME DIE!! Doctors were coming and going every day in my home. All sort of medications, injections, nebulizations, inhalers, you name it, I had it... Doctors had no clues what was wrong with me, for they were still dwelling in the Stone Age with poor knowledge. At the age of 10, my mom met a good Physician specialized in Asthma and Allergy. His name was Dr. Bernard Steinberg. So, he discovered that I got a severe case of allergy, and my bronchial asthma was triggered by certain allergens, which caused allergic asthma attacks.
My Immune System was also rather low, and I caught the germs spread out in the air which triggered my dreadful disease. So, the wise medical doctor began a special treatment for me with vaccines applied with small injections in my arms every week. It was called IMMUNIZATION. He gave bad news to my dear mom. Her child would suffer and carry the chronic disease over her lifetime, and she would have to take good care of herself as long as she lived. My poor mom never stopped worrying and crying for me. Sadly, I broke her heart, but it was not my fault, 
for I was born carrying the genes of allergy in that way...
At a young age -in High School, I was so eager to reach my inner goals, enthusiastic to learn lots of things and edify a solid foundation for my spirit and my life. JESUS, MY LORD & SAVIOR, SHOWED ME THE WAY, and He was MY ONLY LEADER.
I had to cross many obstacles, bridges, rocks and mountains to reach my final destination. Many times, I found myself swimming in a sea with the broken pieces of my heart. It was so hard to keep afloat. Life was indeed, so hard for me!! So, I had to put all the pieces back, and start all over again from scratch.
Then, my life went on until the years turned into my old age, so I got to drift the sailboat and begin a brand-new journey. I felt the weight of water under my feet, and the pain overloaded my back. I felt as if a train had run all over me. I felt my body and bones so heavy as if they were stones, and fatigue was overwhelming. My heartbeats galloped too fast like in horse races. I was then, out of breath with another asthma attack...
Well, now, I am tired and RETIRED. I can hardly believe I am still ALIVE.

God's Peace be with each and everyone.