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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Friday, January 16, 2015

"Today in Sonya's World."

"Today in Sonya's World."
There is an old saying, "Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised for anyone, so we only have today. Make the best of it!"
Today, SONYA'S WORLD has changed forever. Next week, it'll be a different story.
I'll share some of her pics...
My cat Sonya will be 13 years old in February, 2015, if that is God's will.
She was born in February, 2002 to present time. 
We have had Sonya all these years...
The Story...
Heartless folks abandoned 3 little kittens -about 2 weeks old or so- inside a small box in the Hospital yard -where hubby used to work as a Chief Physician Surgeon at the Emergency Room before he Retired. We rescued the 3 orphan siblings. I called them, Sonya, Little Bear and Chitta. I mouth-fed them with a bottle. They survived. We adopted them all...
However, life is NOT always a BED of ROSES.
In brief, our year began with some bad news...
When we choose a doctor, we assume that he/she may be a trustworthy and reliable professional.
"Don´t make a mountain out of a mole hill!" -the Veterinarian assured me when I insisted showing my concern about the deep ulcer in Sonya's mouth that wouldn´t heal. He prescribed antibiotics, and said not to worry about it. His diagnosis was a "Eosinophilico Granuloma" with NO CURE.
Many months passed, and Sonya went from bad to worse even with antibiotics.
Her bad ulcer inside her mouth would not heal. In fact, it got worse, her bone was exposed, even to the point of bleeding coming from an inside open cavern (a big hole) like inside her mouth.
Then, we decided to swiftly take another step, and go to another Vet's Clinic for blood tests, XRays, general examination, and a Biopsy of her ulcer. It was all done. 
Finally, her new doctor gave us the result of the biopsy. 
Then, the surgeon suggests that Sonya should be operated the following week.
Sadly, her face might get mutilated, because half of her lower jaw would be removed, or amputated. My cat's life is at stake.
In this photo, Baylee (the small Balinese cat) is showing Sonya her friendly love.
My 3 cats always play with their toys. 
This is my room where they sleep...
This is a recent picture of Little Bear, Sonya's twin brother.
Chitta looked  just like her twin brother, Little Bear.
Chitta was also solid black.
Sonya lost her twin sister, Chitta, in October of 2009, 
due to kidney failure.
Chitta was 7 years and 8 months old. We all miss her so dearly!
We've got a feline soul...
This pic shows twin sisters, Sonya and Chitta (the black cat).
This photo shows Sonya's twin brother, Little Bear 
(2-2002 to present time.)
They were 3 rescued 15-day-old triplets kittens, Sonya, Chitta & Little Bear.
At this point, we only have 2, Sonya and Little Bear. 
We lost Chitta in 2009.
This is Sonya resting in the living-room of our apartment.