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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Thursday, December 29, 2011



Dear Readers,

Thank you in advance for your charming and gentle appraisals on my little work in Blogland!!
I am perplexed to see so many comments you have offered as your gift of paramount importance.
It appeals to me the fact that in my approach to reach out to Christians worldwide, I have found an appreciative audience. Then, I am a grateful soul in my apostleship on the road of the world.
In my allocations, I use plenty of metaphors, axiomatic phrases, alliteration, allegories, drama, parameters, aphorisms, images, proverbs, and other related literature figures of speech to dash into the subject matter that I wish to go...
In our lifetime, we may encounter all sort of things like drops of assorted colours in the palette of an artistic painter. Some of my topics may seem allof, yet the allofness will be the final point in the universe of galaxies.
In my virtual picture with drawings of words like a glamorous dance in a golden ballroom, I gather the virtuous ones and its opposite in a rainbow of choices falling on the mantelpiece like southern rain.
For instance, I'll give you an example, the never ending battle between good and evil, the rich and the poor, justice and unjustified attitudes, rivalries, light and dark, and so on...
I write my pledge, my food for thoughts in Cyberland, and the readers will reach to their own conclusions about my writing skills.
However, all that is now -the heart of my poetic work- one day, it'll vanish, die, or come to an end like life itself, yet I'll still bask in the arms of mother nature...
I'll be taking a long writing break after the Holidays, in order to fuel my positive energy and to strengthen my inspirations.
I'll be posting a few more topics which will remain visible Online as long as there will be folks interested in reading my older posts.
Happy Holidays to each and everyone!!
God may bless you all!!

Best Regards,

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