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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Would You Change Something for a Better World??...

Would You Change Something for a Better World??...

Yes, I would, if I could!!
How about you??...
I'll invite you to try it.


Poet, speak up your mind!!
Don't waste any more time!!
If the whole world is blind,
Show the way, make them see
God's Light in their lives...
What it ought to be.
Poet, don't make the sound of silence
Shut your mouth with the real truth!
Poet, speak the language of your heart.
Don't let people stand on the way
That make us get falling apart!...
God wants you to lead the way,
For others to follow His grace and faith.
Poet, don't let the poignant grief
Of the world full of sins infect your pure soul!
Begin to change something for a better world
With your kind message and words.
The honey-dew and nectarine's juice
Flow in every fine lace of your poetical way.
Forgetting the moody blues,
You lead each moment you post,
Making this world shine,
And become a positive and fine host,
Riding the rainbow in every day light.
Poet, this poem is for you.
You make people think, laugh or cry.
Your poems may change the world too,
For you plant the seeds into new dreams
That feed the good soil with the sunbeam.
Poet, these words are for you with the morning dew.
I'll invite you to change something for a better world.
At the end of the tunnel, you'll see a glowing light,
All the invisible will be visible, and it'll be just right.
An everlasting glimpse of Heavenly poetry
To view on the stage of a poet's heart,
It makes a carousel play inspirational music
Followed by a glorious and everlasting dance.



Clint said...

Excellent! Love it! You rock!

Starry Dawn said...

Thank you, Clint for visiting me!!
You and Cindy are always welcome aboard. I highly appreciate your kind comments. God bless!!

Crystal Mary said...

Very well written from a beautiful heart. Love you Starry. xxxx

Starry Dawn said...

Thank you, sweetheart Crystal!!
You are adorable and very kind.
God bless you always!!
Love you too, Crystal.