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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Blogland, Internet and The Wall."

"Blogland, Internet and The Wall."

I realize how amazing is the way many things have changed after the 20th Century. When I was a little child, I never thought the possibility of communicating with my dear family, friends and beloved ones the way I could do it nowadays. I wish I had this kind of opportunity back in the late 70's or early 80's, when my dear parents were alive. I would certainly have spoken with them more often. Many of my postal letters got lost or stolen, prices of phone calls were skyrockets and general things were not updated with today's technology. In other words, our world we live in today is much easier for everyone thanks of the high technology in devices. We've got outer space satellites, color TV, audio, computers, cellular phones, satellites phones, etc. for communication.
I just love with a real passion to explore into new things and discover new interesting adventures in my world today.
You see, we post topics in Blogland, we Email, search for things or surf in the Internet, and use The Wall in Facebook, or in any other application as means of communication in one way or another with the whole world for personal reasons.
As you may know, I volunteer my work!!  I make no profits with my writings at the present time.    
I don't know if others use Blogland, Internet or The Wall for profitable reasons. That is certainly not my case. We are able to get in touch with our dear family, personal friends, Online friends and readers worldwide in a matter of seconds, just by hitting the enter key of our laptop or desktop after typing any sort of text, or posting a graphic illustration, image, photo, etc.
It's amazing!! Isn't it??...
The contention that the spirit of adventure no longer has any scope for its enterprise seems, at first glance, depressingly true. The highest mountains have been scaled; the deepest seas plumbed. Maps today no longer contain huge blanks marked "Unknown Territory", nor do they make random guesses at the shapes of distant land-masses. All major journeys of exploration to determine the true shape and nature of the globe were made in the past. It was left to us to fill in the details with expeditions which once would have been considered impossible.
The gaps have been filled. What is next??...
The obvious answer, of course, is that man is now looking upwards into space. New discoveries are being made at such a tremendous rate that even writers of science-fiction are finding it difficult to keep abreast with them and have to tax their imagination to invent bigger and better space-craft.
Satellites sending signals as they swing round our globe have become commonplace. Astronauts have successfully landed on the moon and its entire surface has been photographed. The information that satellites may provide fuelling stations for manned rockets no longer strikes us as preposterous. If, a century ago, a scientist had urged that we send messages into outer space in the hope of receiving an answer, or that radio-telescopes should "listen in" to the skies for possible signals from other worlds, he would have been regarded as either irresponsible, crazy or mad. Now, anything seems feasible, anything seems possible.
From dreams like these, we return to earth with a bump. Trips into space are all very well, but they are not for us: we must content ourselves with our own, much-traveled world. The earth itself is the training-ground for adventurous spirits. For "adventure" need not mean the seeking out of something new. A person can be called adventurous when he finds out something for himself; and it does not matter how many times the discovery has been made before.
No one would say that men who set out now to cross the forbidding Antarctic are less enterprising than their predecessors who tried to do the same thing. The little boy who climbs the small hill that overlooks his town, or even he who tries to climb it and fails, has precisely the same spirit that led Hillary to climb Mount Everest. For the bold spirit and inquiring mind, there are inexhaustible possibilities. So long as there are people willing to re-discover places that are well-known, there will be those who will, one day, set foot on remote and trackless shores at the open Ocean. Our imagination could take us really too far, if we wish to travel on virtual tours worldwide...
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