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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"One Summer evening." (Passage.)

"One Summer evening."  (A short passage.)
As you may know, I began to write thriller or mystery stories which take different perspectives in the rainbow of choices.
I would like to complete a whole novel, although it is only a dream in my heart, and just too far from the present time.
Anyway, I'll share today's short passage to indulge the reader's eyes with some mystery views. Here it is...
One Summer evening, I was sitting by the open window reading a good but rather frightening mystery story.
After a time it became too dark for me to read easily, so I put my book down and got up to switch on the light. I was just about to draw the curtains as well when I heard a loud cry of "Help!! Help!!" It seemed to come from the trees at the end of the garden. I looked out but it was too dark to see anything clearly.
Almost immediately I heard the cry again. It sounded like a child, although I could not imagine how anybody could need help in our garden, unless one of the boys of the neighborhood had climbed a tree and could not get down.
I decided, however, that I ought to go out and have a look in the garden, just in case someone was in trouble. I took the flashlight which we keep for going down into the cellar, where there is no electric light, and picked up a strong walking stick, thinking that this might come in useful too. Armed with these, I went out into the garden. Once again I heard the cry. There was no doubt that it came from the trees at the end of the garden. "Who's there??" I called out as I walked, rather nervously, down the path that led to the trees. But there was no answer. With the help of my flashlight I examined the whole of that part of the garden and the lower branches of the trees. There was no sign of anybody or anything. I came to the conclusion that someone was playing a rather silly joke on me.
Still feeling rather puzzled, I went back to the house and put away the flashlight and the stick. I had just sat down and begun to read my book again when I was startled by the cry of  "Help!! Help!!", this time it was really closed and from right behind my shoulder.
I dropped my book and jumped up in astonishment.
There, sitting on top of the mantelpiece, was a large green and red bird. It was a parrot!! While I was out in the garden, the bird must have seen the light in my room and flown in through the open window. That was a narrow escape...
Imagine that you were a friend of the writer of this passage.
What would you say about this tale??...


Chatty Crone said...

Just saying Happy New Year to you. sandie

Starry Dawn said...

Thank you, Sandie for visiting me!! You are an awesome friend.
Happy New Year to you too, and to all your beloved ones!!
The Lord be with you this time of year and forever, Sandie.

Clint said...

Thinking of you this week in between Christmas and New Year's---hope all is well and happy!

Starry Dawn said...

Oh!! Thank you so much, Clint for coming over to my cyberspace and offering your lovely comments!!
I highly appreciate your kindness.
Your wife, Cindy is an adorable lady, and I also follow her wonderful blog. Clint, I also enjoy reading your inspirational blog with music, song-lyrics and other topics of interest.
I truly hope that both of you remain in touch with me Online, not only during the Holiday Season, but always.
Happy New Year, Clint & Cindy and all your beloved ones!!
Happy Holidays to one and all!!
May you have joy, peace, love and showers of blessings on your way!
Best Regards,
Poet Starry Dawn.