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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Friday, November 25, 2011




Chatty Crone said...

Sure! sandie

Crystal Mary said...

Awww, I felt like crying when I saw Steve,his wife Terry,son Robert and daughter Bindi. I used to live approx 5 miles from them. Steve used to be down surfing at the beach almost every morning, everyone liked him. My nephew looks and speaks just like him! When Steve was killed I was finishing off a night duty in a hospital in Tennessee. One of the security men came and asked me if I'd seen the news about Steve..then, this aweful person proceeded to rave on at what a stupid person Steve was! He didn't even know him? I was mortified! and very hurt. Actually last night I watched the song sung again at his memorial out at Australia Zoo...only a select few know his burial place, I don't.
Look the song up on YOUTUBE. It's called True Blue and is sung by Steves mate, John Williamson.
In Australia the expression True Blue means a genuine person, and our Steve was surely that. I am so glad Terry, his wife is continuing on his legacy, I admire her so much!
I Am Coming For Supper... count me in.. Much love to you Starry. Crystal xxxxxxx

Starry Dawn said...

Thank you, Sandie and Crystal Mary for visiting my site and accepting my invitation!!
Sweet Crystal, It's so kind of you to tell me all these things about Steve Irwin. You were in Tennessee working on a night shift in a hospital. The security man made a nasty remark about our dearest Steve. You have no idea the impact that Steve Irwin made in my life. Steve was a Wildlife Warrior Worldwide(WWW). He bought so many sancturies not only in Australia and Oregon, US, but also worldwide. He was loved for so many people. He was a true blue, a true conservationist of animals and our natural environment. The world is not the same again without Steve Irwin. He is missed for many folks who truly appreciate what he has done for the world of animals and conservation. Steve traveled round the world. He was in the Antarctica with his wife, Terri filming penguins, seals and whales. He went to Galapagos Islands, off Ecuador shore, South America filming giant turtles, the biggest in the world which are in a way to extinction. Oh!! I still love him so dearly, Crystal!! I am in tears, darling...
I miss Steve Irwin so much!!
Crystal dear, It's almost Summer Time in South America. I make plans to go for a family reunion with my daughter and grandchildren in New York next year in the Spring, if that is God's will. After Christmas, Dr. Paul and I will go on Vacation, so I'll be taking a long writing break. We really need a break!! My overweight is also killing me. I must lose weight before taking a plane. Otherwise, I should buy 2 tickets for 2 seats. I just don't fit my body in one seat on the plane. Airplane seats are very small and uncomfortable. My swelling body, legs and feet do not help me at all. I feel unwell, my dear friends, that is why I do not write as often as I wish to.
You may Email me from time to time, if you want to remain in touch with me. I'll reply as soon as I can. God may bless you all, my precious Online friends!!
See you later. Love much, Starry.
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