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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Monday, November 28, 2011



The agony of living
Makes my heart cry out.
The pain won't stop.
To my heartaches, I'm bound.
My tears drop, I let out a shout.

No Doctors on Earth may cure my sores,
For all scars are engraved in my soul.
I'm falling down the hill,
For my self-esteem is so poorly low.

No one could heal me, but Jesus.
His Holy wisdom and guidance
Make my life whole,
For what Jesus is the lover of my soul.

My time is not His time.
Our Lord's time is Eternity and forever.
He's the real life giver,
And the lover of my soul.

I wish to sing my song in front of a huge audience, and collect funds for donations to help the ones in need. I can sing too!!...
I love to help humans and animals in need. I would love to be the voice of the voiceless for a better world.
I would love to donate to the ones in need.
I believe in a BROTHERHOOD OF CHRISTIANS IN ACTION, the fact to help one another for a better world.
A true Christian should help brothers and sisters in Christ.
God has set a plan for each of us in our lives.


Chatty Crone said...

I hope you are feeling okay my friend. sandie

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Sandie,
Thank you for stopping by!!
I am glad you like my song.
I'm still unwell, but doing my best to improve a little at a time. God bless you, my friend!!
All the best,

PJ said...

Hey Starry! I really enjoyed your song. I must admit at first I was taken aback because there is a song titled "Jesus, Lover of My Soul" which is one of my favorite songs that we sing at church.

I wish I could take credit for the knowledge and questions on my Bible Challenge, but they come straight from a little book I have. That is why I always give the scriptures to be looked up beside the questions. I have to look a lot of them up myself. (Plus it helps to have the answers in the Back of the Book) haha! I do like to look them up though. They seem to "stick" better that way. Anyway, if you can read, you can read your Bible which I know you can, then you could answer these questions. Get to feeling better soon! I'm off to church (Revival).

God Bless,
Patti (PJ)

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Patti,
Thank you for visiting my site, and writing your kind comments!!
You see, I got an Italian heritage on the side of my dear mom and grandmom who brought me up as a child. They used to teach me...
I am a Roman Catholic Christian.
I went to the same Catholic School, "Holy Family" in Elementary and High School where I graduated. I've got a strong faith in our dear Lord, Jesus Christ, my Savior, my best of everything.
I had Religion Lessons for 12 years in my childhood. My Religion teachers were Catholic priests and nuns. I began to read the Gospels in the Holy Bible at early stages of my life. However, I am not a good preacher, nor an expert in Bible Studies. I have no intention to become one, though. I believe in God with a true heart. I know that God knows my genuine heart before I do. I don't care what people say or think about me. I only care what God think about me. I know I am a good Christian person. I BELIEVE THAT ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. SO, THAT IS WHAT I DO, GOOD ACTIONS, GOOD DEEDS IN THIS WORLD.
I have no intentions to make debates, go on disagreements, or quarrel Online about my true and genuine faith to God.
God may bless you always, Patti!!
Love in Christ,
Poet Starry.