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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Are these Oil Paintings worth a thousand dollars? What do you think? I wonder...

Are these Oil Paintings worth a thousand dollars? What do you think? I wonder...

My fellowman (71), a Physician General Surgeon & Plastic Surgeon, and I live in a Penthouse Tower Apartment Building overlooking the big city lights at the present time. He speaks several European languages, such as Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese. He is basically a Scientist who does research scientific work, travels, speaks in conferences, and teaches his knowledge to other colleagues. We met in one of my trips to his land long ago. Hopefully, Paul will RETIRE soon, although he does not know exactly when. In the meantime, we live together in the Southern Hemisphere where he was born, lived, studied Science and Medicine, graduated and worked all his life. He also teaches Surgical Procedures to young Medical Residents at the Hospital School. As you may know, Time Zones change according to where you stand in the world, whether you live in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. For example, while United States, Canada and Europe are going into Winter Time around Christmas, other places such as South American Countries, South Africa, Australia, etc. will enter Summer Time soon. In other words, the weather is very different according to Time Zones. I am an American Citizen, a Christian mother and grandmother, so I keep doing good deeds and traveling round the world as I please  -whenever God tells me to go, if that is God's will, and if My Health Issues allow me to. I used to travel a lot, when I was younger and healthier. Now, I have been slowing down due to my aging process and health issues. I could only trust in the Almighty Heavenly Father, who can perform miracles at a single touch and heal me from head to toe, if that is His will. I could only pray and hope for a better life, a promising future ahead of me, and that is all I could do in the meantime. I am waiting for a better life coming to me in the near future. You see, my fellowman will take his Vacation during the Summer in our Time Zone. It gets very hot in the Rainforest Area, you know. If I am doing OK. by then, we'll move ahead and go somewhere to a lovely place to rest our tired and worned out bodies. Then, when we come back, if I am healthy enough, I'll be packing my suitcases again and head for New York in the Spring of 2012 for a family gathering with my dear daughter and grandchildren. At least, these are our plans, yet we are not sure if all will work out well for us...
We make lots of plans for our future, yet we'll see what happens, if God allows us to keep on living.....
Dr. Paul and I live on the top floor overviewing the big city lights, a huge apartment with a private balcony, plus a whole terrace on top -as a separate quarters in another floor upstairs. There is a ladder communicating both floors. He also owns his private medical office downstairs. Of course, he knows his neighbors, almost everybody in his Tower Building.
I have just heard that one of his neighbors downstairs brought a homeless pregnant German Shorthair Braco female dog. She is expecting 6 puppies next week. I would love to help this beautiful female dog with her puppies. I'll do my best trying to find and place her 6 puppies in loving homes. I have been helping homeless animals for so many years. I am an animal lover & advocate for the ones in need. I'm a Conservationist of Our Natural Environment Protection, an Animal Lover & Advocate for the helpless, and  the voice of the voiceless. I have been a busy, multi-task lady most of my life, but unfortunately, my health issues have got to slow me down a lot.
This gentle neighbor found the homeless pregnant dog roaming in the garbage in the streets, and he picked her up and brought her to his apartment. He also took the dog to the Veterinarian for her health care, and he said that she is pregnant, and the due date for the delivery of 6 puppies will be at anytime next week. I'll take some pictures of her as soon as I can.
There is also another neighbor downstairs, who is an artist painter, and she has offered me one of her Oil Paintings for a thousand dollars, if I would like to buy some of her Art.
I am not sure whether I'll buy it or not. I must save some money for my plane ticket to New York. I would love your oppinion about that, dear Online friends. I posted the Oil Paintings that I like the most: "Evening drinks on the rocks", "Dreaming woman", and "Tiger." They are one thousand dollars each. Are they worth it?? I wonder...
I got a Dentist appointment for this coming Friday early in the afternoon. I got a bad tooth which may have triggered the neuralgia in my head. I'll see what happens...
Thank you in advance for visiting my site, dear Online friends!!
God may bless you all!!


Chatty Crone said...

Don't buy the painting unless you have it legally appraised! sandie

Starry Dawn said...

Oh, thank you, sweet dear friend, Sandie for your wise advice!!
I'll follow that.
God bless you, my friend!!
Best Regards,

Cindy Ellison said...

Hi Starry Dawn! Thank you so much for your sweet and kinds words on my blog. I appreciate your visits very much. I just sent you an email. I would really ponder the thought of paying a thousand dollars for one of these paintings. I wrote more in the email. A prayer has been said for you this morning, I do hope you are feeling much better!

Cindy ♥

Starry Dawn said...

Thank you, sweet Cindy for your kind reply!! I highly appreciate your wise evaluations.
Thank you also for your prayers!!
I really need them. I am still unwell. I am in lots of pain.
Tomorrow, I head for the Dentist. I got a bad tooth. Perhaps, he will pull it out. The neuralgia in my head, neck and back is killing me. It has been a horrible pain...
I`ll read your email as soon as I get there. I'll reply to your email later. Thank you in advance for your gentle thoughts and caring ways, sweetheart Cindy!!
I love your name!!
God bless you, darling!!
Blessings & Prayers,