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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Thursday, November 10, 2011



Dear Readers,
Thank you so much for your kind prayers and caring ways!!
I let you know the updates about MY HEALTH ISSUES.
I have been undergoing a dreadful pain for so long. Anyway, I am not afraid to die, because that final event will come as a blessing from the Lord sooner or later to relieve my suffering in this world.
I understand the aging process that has a lot to do with it. I include some pics for all of you, dear readers, a photo of the city view from my window on top of a tower building, plus some older pics of me with my dear aunts who dwell in Heaven with the Lord, happy moments in my life that I still cherish. I also include the X-RAYS of my head, neck and left jaw with my physical injuries.
You see, in October of 2008, I had a serious surgery that left me disabled in some ways. I had an ovarian tumor. Surgeons removed my lower mesenterium or epiploon -as a prevention for future cancer, along with the ovarian tumor and gyn organs related; they also trimmed my birth channel. It still hurts right there, plus my bladder when I sit down for a long time. I also get very stiff, and my lower limbs (legs and feet) begin to swell. Shortly afterwards, I experienced a swift and very fast aging process that showed dramatically from inside and out. After that kind of surgery, I have never been the same again. My mood, my skin, my bones, my eyes, my attitude in society changed. Now, I am very moody. My skin is very sensitive and dry that it could easily break, my bones and eyes hurt, and I feel angry, misunderstood and frustrated most of the time. I feel hurt for little reasons, I also cry and scream so easily. I slowly became a bipolar patient with paranoid and emotional disorders. You see, I am too sensitive that I am not able to interact in society the way I used to. I WAS A VICTIM OF ABUSE & DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SINCE MY EARLY CHILDHOOD TO MOST OF MY LIFETIME. These traumatic experiences left their marks not only outside my body, but also inside my mind. Last Monday, I had to go to Hospital for my regular health check ups. Dr. Paul, my longtime companion, is a Physician Surgeon at the Emergency Room, so that he made things easier for me. I got X-Rays taken from my head, upper left jaw, neck and back bone. I got an acute inflammation (neuralgia) of my left upper jaw, due to chewing my teeth while I sleep at night. I also got an inflammatory process in my back bone and neck. It is called Osteoarthrosis. When the Winter Time wind blows on me, or the weather changes to lower digits somehow, I easily get a sore throat and laryngophony, due to my laryngopharyngitis that hurts my vocal cords in my sensitive larynx. When I get that, I am unable to talk or sing at that point. I love to sing!! So, I must take good care of my throat, and the other things in my poor body and mind. You may know that I am an Asthma & Allergy sufferer, an overweight lady with a swelling body, legs and feet as well, on top of everything else. I can hardly move, so they have to push me in a wheel-chair round the Airports. My eyes are weak too.
The U.S. Embassy Overseas do not relocate American patients back home to the States, if they are sick. They would have to pay for their medical bills while abroad, or pay fees for an AirPlane Ambulance to pick them up as American patients overseas. Of course, if they don't have money to pay, they'll be in real troubles. Americans should double check before traveling overseas, especially if they travel alone. Strangers might take a U.S. Passport, Credit Cards, Bank Cards, and/or other I.D.'s of American travelers. So, be extra careful if you travel overseas! Keep your eyes open! 
It's more safe to stay closer to the U.S. borders.
Writing has been a lovely therapy for me. I`ve been doing it for so long. I`ve always loved to post my poems, songs, stories, tales, thoughts, inspirational tales, and so on. However, I ought to take a break from it. I hope and pray that you may understand me. Anyway, I shall go ahead for a few more weeks until Christmas 2011. Then, I'll go to a lovely place for My Rehabilitation on a Summer Break with my fellowman. You see, it is almost Summer Time in the Southern Hemisphere, like South America, South Africa, Australia, etc. Then, when we come back from our Summer Vacation, if that is God's will, I'll be getting ready to pack my suitcases again, and go to New York for our family reunion in the Spring of 2012. Paul and I make plans to adopt a female kitten to bright up our days. We'll call her Starry Harvey. We still have Frank, a Seal Point Siamese who will be 17 years old next March 2012, if that is God's will. Sonya and Ositoy will also be 11 in March next year. So, we love the company of our dear beloved animals, and we can't live without them.
We must realize the fact that time is running out for everyone sooner or later...
Kind Regards to All Readers,


Chatty Crone said...

I am so sorry you have to go thru all that Starry. I hope you get better soon. sandie

Clint said...

What suffering. I am so sorry. I suppose God will explain this to us if we are fortunate enough to get to His next World. I hope so.