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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Working in New York City...(3)

Working in New York City...(3)

As the pages of The Book of Life keep on turning, I recall so many memories of My Old Journeys...
New York City, the city that never sleeps, was my final destination. What a wondrous place to visit!!
Wooowww!! I felt truly privileged to have lived and worked in such flamboyant places...
Back in the 80's, I was in my late 20's. My daughter was a little girl when I began to look for jobs in the Hotel Business in New York City. That kind of working environment has been one of my favourite places.
Luckily, I got hired by one of the finest hotels in New York City. Its glamorous view faced the Central Park on 5th Ave. If you are familiar with Manhattan, you'll see what I mean.
I spoke several European languages which were an advantage.
During my lunch hour, I crossed the street and had my lunch at the Central Park in those warmer days.
While working at the hotel front desk, I got the pleasure to meet several Hollywood Super Stars at that time. Unfortunately, some of them are already dead, like Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Gregory Peck, Natalie Wood, Farah Fawcett, etc.
In some occasions after work, my friend and I had a cup of tea with English muffins at The Plaza Hotel on 59th & 5th Ave, or at The Waldorf Astoria on Park Ave.
They had gorgeous views. We were able to take a tour and a good look inside the ballrooms, which were stunning to say the least.
Since my childhood, I dreamed of having special event celebrations at a palace hotel ballroom. It would be indeed, a memorable experience.
I had also the opportunity to work in banquets at fine Country Clubs later in my life, when I was in my 40's.
Needless to say, it was one of the happiest time in my life, for I was able to stay in touch with beautiful things and breathtaking places.
As pages of The Book of Time keep on turning, I realize that life is just too short, and we should take advantage of every moment we've got in our hands, in every breath we take, and so on.
Search for something good to happen! Let life work its miracles on you! Let life begin with a new rainbow!
Nevertheless, I got no regrets for whatever I had lived either good or bad, each moment or experience was richly precious in its own time frame according to my human dimension.
I include some pictures of the places where I used to be. I hope you enjoy looking at these awesome places as much as I do. You see, going back to New York would be another memorable experience for me, especially if I would be reunited in our family gathering with my dear folks again, if that is God's will.
I still got health issues to deal with, personal matters and travel affairs on the way that I must take care. As you may realize, I am soon going to be very busy with all these things and other personal things as well.
I shall soon begin to pack my suitcases,  fix my properties, and prepare myself  for the big move to my new life back home in New York or other places in the States, a new beginning, a new starting point by the Spring of 2012.
I also make plans to buy a home somewhere in a lovely place.
Wish me luck with my new adventure and My Journey of no return!!
I'll soon be taking a long writing break for reasons stated above, dear wonderful Online friends.
It has been a real pleasure for me to have met you.
So long!!
God may bless you all!!
Until we write again.
All the best,
Poet Starry Dawn.
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Madeleines Photos and Blog said...

Wow! May God go with you in all your endeavors. I will keep you in my prayers. So nice to meet you!
Lovely pics!
Love your writings.

Crystal Mary said...

Praise God for the memories, and a brain still able to bring them back to mind as needed.. Some have lost this ability with age related illness.How wonderful to work in such wonderful places and meet the people you have. You were very blessed!!!!

I understand where you are at in your life now. Its a difficult time when everything changes.
We become different also.
This is the journey of life..
On our recent trip to Thailand, many of the younger people referred to me as Grandma. That was a jolt to me.I was always the gregarious nursing Sister held high in esteem.
I think we have to move forward as we age, otherwise we become stagnant and begin to waste away. There is still a life beyond being well known and popular... now we can be the pillars of society with the wisdom and knowledge to have a listening ear, and the love of Jesus to share. I Love You as I have met and know you now...sweet and caring.. xxxxxx

Jane said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such encouraging, kind words.

I've enjoyed your wonderful pics and memories! I wish you all the best in your endeavours - it certainly does sound like it will be a busy, hopefully exciting time. Change is inevitable and good for us. Blessings, Jane

Starry Dawn said...

Thank you, Madeleine, Crystal Mary and Jane for taking your precious time to stop by, read and offer your worthwhile comments!!
I just love to read your heartfelt comments, my dear Online friends.
Yes!! It was indeed, a golden time in my life, although it's gone.
I truly miss those days back in time as I age and become weaker.
I am not weeping about those days, in fact, I am privileged to have lived and worked in such exciting and wealthy environments. I was very lucky that fine hotels would decide to hire me, over the hundred others that were on line looking for just one position.
I am fondly grateful. My message is plain and simple. I do not try to sound pitiful, but thoughtful and blessed to have had a great opportunity in New York City when I was a young lady.
Unfortunately lately, I've been getting nasty anonymous comments that I should not publish, because they call me a crying person and other things...
No!! I am not crying, on the contrary, I am telling just another story of my life, in which I show that I highly appreciate those folks who once gave me jobs and places to stay in New York. Many folks are homeless, and they don't get any opportunity to get a simple job to do and earn honest money for their daily living.
I feel sorry for them!!
I am grateful to those who have given me many job opportunities and places to live in New York.
I remember them as I tell the story of some good times in my life. Those days are gone, but still alive in my heart of hearts. I do not like anonymous and nasty comments, for I shall delete them, and never publish. Why do people bother in reading my blog which consider worthless or not attractive to their attention? I wonder. It is my own blog, and I do with it and say things as I please...
I consider myself a nice lady, and I always write heartfelt comments to my fellow bloggers. I expect the same in return. I won't tolerate debates or nasty ways.
I do not hide behind a mask like many do, for I tell the truth which I wish to unveil at anytime.
Respect is the main ingredient with harmony in all relationships.
I'll be traveling to New York by the Spring of 2012, if that is God's will. If that is a boring story of some of you, I let you know that it is great exciting news for me. I'll be seeing my dear family again, my daughter and grandchildren. To the anonymous comment left earlier in this post: I say, "I am sure you do not care about it, for you are not interested to read such boring stories of a grandmom. So, go elsewhere where you may get amused with another story..."
God bless all my dear Online friends!!
I feel truly encourage by those who appreciate my writings.
Big Hugs,
Poet Starry Dawn.
A little about me...
I am a Christian American lady, a mother, grandmother, freelance writer, poet, lyricist composer, artist, singer, and other things.)

Starry Dawn said...

Hello again,
I made a typing mistake in my previous reply. I'll correct it.
I should have said:
"...If that is a boring story for some of you, I let you know that they are great exciting news for me."
"I feel truly encouraged by those who appreciate my writings."
I know my friends, and I also know my foes by their names.

Crystal Mary said...

Starry... I believe you should leave the nasty comments on here for all to see...That way the cowards who write them are shown up to the world. AND...your friends on here, me for one, will assist you in dealing with them. We all reflect and feel hurt at times in our life, no one on earth is immune from that!!! even the sanest person with the happiest life. Mental Health is becoming one on the most devastation illnesses in society and it effects all of us. It is not solely just for those with a psychosis but for others with anxiety and depression.. So to the cowards who post to you anonymously I say,if your turn hasn't come, it will as that is how God deals with contentiousness.

Starry Dawn said...

Thank you, my sweet dear friend, Crystal for your wise advice!!
I highly appreciate positive feedback among friendly bloggers.
I hope and pray that I won't get nasty comments again...
Have a great day!!

JT said...

I can not imagine anyone not loving Starry Dawn. You are a wonderful poet and I love your blog. God bless you.

Starry Dawn said...

Howdy, my sweet dearest friend, John!!
You are one of my most adorable Christian friends. I just can't imagine not having a loving friend, such as yourself.
I also love your wonderful blog, John (JT).
A banquet of blessings may always abound in your life, and those you love, sweetheart.
Big Hugs & Much Love Always,
from Poet Starry Dawn.