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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Monday, February 6, 2012

"The Empty Nest." (My Poem)

"The Empty Nest."  (My Poem)

If I weep in the darkest night,
Would you wipe my tears away?
If I laugh in a broad day light,
Would you laugh in the same way?

If I blend my soul under the rain,
Would you soak yours to embrace my heart?
If my eyes smile like an opened rose,
Would you smile back, stay and never part?

If I sing my rhyming songs,
Would you smile and listen to my music?
If I dream my big dreams,
Would you be happy and let me dream?

The lovers only drifted away...
One took time to show no loving care.
What else could one say?
The love -like a rose petal- drifted away,
Parted on separate ways,
Then, emptiness was replaced in there.

I suffer the syndrome of the empty nest.
Would you pause, linger with me for a while,
And answer my prayer request?
I'll talk to mountains, birds or the moon.
I'll gather roses and flowers
That -in your heart- may hopefully bloom.

Author: Starry Dawn.
I have suffered from the empty nest syndrome for a long time.
I miss my dear family so much!!
I have found spiritual refuge and heart healings in my dear Lord and cats, my daily companions, my best friends.
May our dear Lord shine upon you and take away all your blues!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Starry Dawn, I like your poem ^_^
And sorry that I missed you on the google chat earlier today, I was at work and didn't see the chat straight away. Hope you're having a good day!
Big hugs x


Starry Dawn said...

Hi Eva,
I am glad you like my poem.
Yes!! I saw your name in the Google messenger, and I just wanted to say hello to you.
It's OK. We may chat some other day, whenever you've got the time.
Have a nice day, Eva!!
Big Hugs,