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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sharing My Old Family Pics. (2)

Sharing some of My Old Family Pics. (2)

I have created this Journals Blog to write, post and share different things, such as my poems, song-lyrics, stories, tales, random thoughts, inspirational messages, pictures, and so on.
At first, as you may know, I got too many blogs that I was unable to handle at the same time.
My hands were full with lots of assorted work, which it turned a bit confusing in the end.
So, I decided to concentrate my posts in writing for one Blog, My Journals Blog.
However, since I first began to blog in 2009, there would be many new visitors in my sites.
I am happy about that!!
So, I've decided to share some of my old family pics,
in order for you all to have an idea how our family has grown and changed lifestyles in time and places...
Life is too short! So, you may enjoy living in this precious moment, a gift from God, because our lives run just too fast.
Children grow really fast, and we grow older in no time...
There is no wonder how I feel this way, lonely like an orphan. My dear mother, my father, my aunts and all my ancestors dwell in Heaven with the Lord. I got no siblings, neither old family left alive. You see, life could be just too harsh for some folks. Take advantage of your precious time while you have it!!
Humans usually make plans for the future, but God has got the final word in our lives. The past is history. The future is uncertain. We only have today. So, let's make the best of it!!
Anyway, I've divided the posts in part 1, 2, 3, etc., because there are many family pics that I wish to share.
Nobody is perfect. We all sin in one way or another. God knows our hearts before we do, and He will judge us at the end of our times in this world. If some folks judged me in the past, now those ones may figure out for themselves how wrong they would have been.
Please, do not judge others, if you don't want to be judged, especially if you do not know the facts for real...
I was a victim of domestic violence and cruel mental and physical abuses by my daughter's father. We got married at a young age. I stayed with him for 10 years. I am lucky to be alive, because he made too many attempts to kill me.
You see, I had to set my mind to save my only dearest baby.
I won't ever tolerate cruelty or mistreatments in any form. We all have the right to live in a better world with justice for all. 
I wish to unveil the truth one day, if someone is interested...
I know I've always been a good person with a kind heart.
I hope you enjoy visiting and reading my sites.
Thank you to all my wonderful Online friends and readers!!
God may bless each and everyone!!
Poet Starry Dawn.


Inger said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and following it. You do have many blogs, indeed. I picked this one for now. It is interesting to see other people's family pictures, as if you get a peak into their lives. Thanks for sharing.

Inger said...

I hope you got the comment I just wrote. I wanted to follow your blog, but the widget is not working right now. I'll be back though.

Starry Dawn said...

Thank you, Inger for returning the favour of following my blog!!
Yes!! I have already added myself as one of your followers in your wonderful and inspirational blog.
I see that you come from Swedan. That is very interesting. I used to have a Sweddish lady friend many years ago. She was a reporter.
Her name was Haldis.
Please, visit me often, and I shall do the same...
Welcome Aboard, Inger!!
Thanks for sharing, sweetheart!!
Poet Starry Dawn.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your information!

Sarah (Nikki) said...

beautiful family you got..I liked looking through them. Have a great day out there Starry Dawn. Hope it shines for you in every way.

Starry Dawn said...

Thank you, dear sweet friend, Sarah for coming over to my place!! You are always welcome aboard. It is so nice to see you here with me. I miss you when you don't visit me and post your gentle comments.
Sarah, I have just sent an email to your inbox. God bless you, darling, and those you love!!
All the best,

Starry Dawn said...

To Anonymous,
My Reply...
What kind of information are you talking about??...
I do not welcome anonymous entries.
So, I just let it go this time, but I won't post it again, if you write under anonymous mode.
I'll read comments before I post them. I use moderation mode.
I like people who says who they are. I only like heartfelt comments. I won't ever tolerate cruelty or mistreatment in any form, not even in the Internet.
Poet Starry Dawn.