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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Wednesday, September 2, 2015



In the old photo below, I was a tiny 5-year-old little girl with a school uniform in 1st grade at the Elementary Nun Catholic School. In fact, my 1st grade teacher was a Nun. I am sitting next to my first classmate, whom today is a Medical Doctor and Specialist in Kidneys.
"A Castle in the Hills." (Part 3) My little story written by me, Poet Starry.
I attended the same Catholic School for 12 years until graduation. Back then, I was a 17-year-old, young bilingual High School Graduate with a bright future ahead..Today and looking back, I am an American Senior Citizen. 
Time really flies!
Well, after my School Graduation, I registered in a Private School of Law Overseas to attend classes in the evenings, where I would study Law for the following 5 years. At that time in my young age, I wanted to become an Attorney serving for a Criminal Court as a Prosecutor, but I never did, because I was not able to graduate. You see the Prosecutor is the Court District Attorney who defends the Victims. I also took some College Courses in Natural Science for about 18 months. I learned a lot. I loved it!
Unfortunately, I did not graduate from any career of my studies. Yet, I acquired knowledge. I had to work full time in a local Bank in order to pay for my College studies, plus be able to acquire books, college material needed, and help to pay for my mother's bills. You see it was a huge responsibility on my young shoulders to bear alone. Sadly, my father did not want to pay for my College Career. I was not sure whether he could not afford to pay for me, his only daughter, or he just did not care to invest in my future any longer.
Telling you the truth, it hurt me so very badly. My young life had changed completely, especially when I would surely decide to bring my knowledge elsewhere more profitable for a brighter future, pack all my suitcases and leave my dear mother's home. 
Sadly, a cruel Revolution arose in South America in those days, and over a hundred thousands young people began to disappear, vanish into thin air. They were later called, "The Missing People."
Then, I arrived in New York at the young age of 23 -saving my own life, but leaving my dear family behind. My parents would always be waiting for my return. I broke their hearts, and I regret to have done that...
So, the future would be ahead of me, and I would be the one to orquestrate and build a stairway to Heaven, not only for me, but also for my generations to come ahead. As soon as I stepped on American soil, my life would never be the same again. I fell in love with the American people and way of life! I planted my seeds, my flowers, my poems and songs, my thoughts, my true love into the land of freedom, the home of the braves.
I really wanted to be a part of the American hearts.
The rest is history in my life as an American Senior Citizen lady.
My advice is take good care of your children, because they will become adults in no time. Teach them good things, good manners, to love and respect others, also respect conservation, mother nature, animals and wildlife. We are all mortal beings, feeble passengers of time. So, I wish to make a real difference between life and death, and serve the Lord for a good purpose 
in my passing life in the world before I DIE...


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

You have had your share of trials, Starry.

Chatty Crone said...

You were cute - and you are smart - as well as that girl in your class.