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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Wednesday, September 2, 2015



In the old photo below, I was a tiny 5-year-old little girl with a school uniform in 1st grade at the Elementary Nun Catholic School. In fact, my 1st grade teacher was a Nun, and I was holding her hand in this picture...
"A Castle in the Hills." (Part 2) My little story written by me, Poet Starry.
Since each of us carry a baggage, the load of a personal history, and our burdens, we may develop certain connections according to our personal views or moral values. I have been trying to share a self-portrait with my online readers and friends, in order to get to know me a little bit...
In the old days -as far as I can remember- when I was a little girl, even before School days, I lived in a big city with my dear mom and my Italian grandmom, the mom of my mom, mainly just the three of us, because my dad was usually working long hours away from home. But, Sundays were daddy's days, so I luckily spent Sundays with my dad...
One of my favourite outing with my dad was going to the Zoo to see the animals. I loved all, but the majestic ones were special, such as elephants, lions, tigers and wolves.
As a kid, I used to gape often through the glass wall in our apartment on the second floor. I was completely puzzled back then, just to see so many horses in the city streets pulling wagons to bring veggies, fruits, small livestock, and other goods for the peddlers to the farmer's market placed on the sides of the park across the street from our apartment.
People gathered there in a rush to buy cheap items and food. I was astonished and sad -at the same time- to see tired working horses and other animals which were brought to the fair.
My young heart would begin to experience new feelings, and would be left astray watching people's greedy hearts.
The fair was taken place on weekends. So, I would hear the hooves on the trotting tired stallions pulling the wagons as they approached the streets in our neighborhood. Then, I would rush to the glass wall to gape at the feast. Well, I still watch out the window when I hear animals coming.
As a little girl, I could not help but feeling hurt inside for whatever my young eyes would have to watch every weekend. The good and the bad things were passing right in front of my child's eyes, and those visions would leave emotional and everlasting traces in my heart.
You see, I was alone playing with my few toys, bears and dolls. I come from a European ancestry with artists and musicians on both sides of my family. I was born a dreamer, an artist, a pro-life living being with all sort of good deeds inside my young heart. So, it was dreadful for me to catch a glimpse of those shattered, horrible, corrupted, bloody memories of my childhood with so many things going in the wrong way. It is hard to explain in details what I have seen as a child, for it hurts so badly! My world was rather small back then, no siblings, yet I began to dream in expanding my world as an adult to other greater ventures with high goals and lasting moral values some place else...
As a little child, I began to think that those kind of grown-up adults would never become my role models, for they were corrupted and dreadful to my eyes. In fact, in my childhood, I began to develop the first outlines of my present philosophy of life. Since my early childhood, I dreamed of living on top of the mountains surrounded by nature, birds and other precious animals. Perhaps, I was dreaming of living in a castle on the hills, a bluish yonder hill intimately entwined with the valley below. So, I would feel like "The Queen of the Earth."
I could hear the gallop of those stallions flying freely in the blue horizon, and I could still hear my throbbing heart gazing out the window, or even imagine myself on top of the mountain.

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Chatty Crone said...

You had it rough - and I am sorry. You were a beautiful child.