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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Living Art with Poetic Lyrics.

My Living Art with Poetic Lyrics.
Even though I am growing older, I keep on dreaming in my world of dreams.
I always wished to perform in public facing a huge audience. As a little child, I was a Soprano singer, and part of the Church Choir at our Day School. Nowadays, my voice range changed.
When I was a little girl, to my point of view, I used to listen to the best musical performers in the world. My parents told me when they would feed me as a baby, they put music on to make my meals more enjoyable, since I did not have a big appetite at that time...
So, I have always had a great listening ear for good music. My dear mom loved poetry, and she bought a book of poems for me which she autographed after memorable lines. She said, "This book of poems is for the only pink page of my life, for my only daughter. Wishing you Love and Inspirations, Your mom."
Then, I developed an ability to write poems which I often dedicated to my dear mother.
Well, I would like to share some poetic lyrics that I wrote for my dear daughter a while ago.
I called my poem-song, "Living without you."
My only born child, my breath and my eyes,
Don't you ever forget that you are still part of me!!
Please, my darling, give a reason for my living again,
Spark the light of hope and set my spirit free.
Can you see the tears in my eyes??
Please, make motherly love glow at one single glance.
You'll see a whole world of difference,
If you could only give me another chance.
If you forgive and take me back,
I won't disappoint you ever again.
I'll give you mountains of love.
Don't let time pass by so in vain!!
What's the reason for my living,
If living will be without you.
What's the reason for my living,
If living will be without you.
But if you don't take me back,
I'll surely understand.
I wish you love, joy, peace,
All the best you could find.
I wish you happiness,
And God's richest blessings
May always abound in your life.
My child, I gave you birth in this earth,
I wish you could see me too.
But if you don't, we'll join in places afar
As the Angel's herd in God's glorious vineyard.
When my heart is a sore in need,
The Angels will come for my soul to feed.

Author: Poet Starry Dawn.
This poem-song-lyrics is dedicated to my dear daughter.
Have a sweet piece of cake and listen to my voice singing my song!!...


Chatty Crone said...

Is it her birthday? Beautiful tribute to your daughter. sandie

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Sandie,
Thank you, sweetheart, for posting your caring comments!!
I am glad you visit my sites.
No, it isn't my daughter's birthday. She is on vacation with her husband, her children, my 3 grandchildren, and her in-law family.
I miss my dear daughter so dearly.
I often write poems for her, but she never reads them, or reads anything that I write. She told me once that she couldn't care less...
I keep on trying to bring her back, but she has her own family now. I could only become a burden for her, and I won't let that to happen. So, she will remember me in any way she wishes to, if she ever has a heart to remember her mother...
Hugs from a mother's broken heart,