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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Passage of Time...

The Passage of Time...
If you thought I died, I did not...
I am still around...
Life has not been a bed of roses for me, but rather a bed of thorns...
It seems as if I still row in the same direction, yet I go backwards.
I've already packed my suitcases, but now, I should unpack...
I do the same thing every single weekend, at least for now.
My dreams or nightmares haunt me pretty often. My family ancestry dwell in Heaven, so I am alone feeling lonely and misunderstood, so I write to put out my inner feelings. Writing is a good therapy after all. I wrote a poem long ago. It's still a great example of how I feel this day.
I look at the sky up above, and this is what I see from my window of the world...
I'll share my poem which I call, "Highway to Heaven."
I imagine sitting in my family garden
Next to plants, flowers and trees in the Autumn's eve.
They were only twigs when my family planted the seeds.
My tears soaked the somber leaf under the trees.
I imagine hearing voices of nightingales
Singing and watching me from up the branches...
My dear parents and me in my First Holy Communion.
My dear mother and my 3 aunts, the sisters of my father.
My father went to New York when my daughter was born. He is holding my baby at the Botanical Garden in Queens, New York long long ago...
Photo of my father with my daughter in her First Holy Communion. This one is the last picture of my father. He passed away 2 months after that. He suffered from a heart disease for a long time. He had a massive heart failure or cardiac arrest in December 16th of 1989, just a few days before Christmas.
My daughter with her first baby, my first granddaughter and me in New York long ago.
This is a lovely family picture with my dear daughter, my first granddaughter when she was 18 months old, and my 2 aunts long ago.
I only had a vision in my dreams...
A quiet moment in silence which seemed
A few winks of the moonlight.
A star peeped behind the moon
In between dim clouds floating in the sky.
I gazed at the stardust born to my eyes,
Twinkle of lights shining afar,
Amber tones or fading shades in the distance
Announcing a coming glory upon high.
Nightingales whispered soothing music,
Their wings -like flutes- embraced my heart.
Their loving ways stopped the bleeding
Of my old wounds which were falling parts.
Oh, beautiful nightingales of nature
That fell before my mortal wondering eyes!!
They were sailing upon the bosom of the air
Sprinkling dew in the lazy clouds.
My dear two aunts and me at the Nursing Home long ago...
(I am a New York Certified Nurse's Assistant. This is a pic with other students at the School)
Oh, their soft tunes I found,
I knew the nightingale's virtuous sound!!
They called me rose blossom -as sweet as a new born star.
Somber tombs would turn into streaks of light
And fly away with the nightingale's heart.
They whispered that I was a branch of their blossoming tree;
No dreams were more glamorous to see...
The nightingales wiped my tears
And said not to mourn, weep or fear,
For they were heading for the Lord's Almighty Kingdom.
Just before our eyes, there was the Highway to Heaven...
My dear aunt Helen (the sister of my father) and me at the Hospital. She was a Concertist Piano Player and Opera Soprano Singer.
(I am with my dear aunt Neyfer, my eldest aunt, and sister of my father, at the Hospital)
The Highway to Heaven was the direction
To where my dear family parted.
To my grief, for I could still feel their loss...
The nightingales gently wept
And helped me carry on with my own cross.
I only had a vision in my dreams...
Much prayers were said that open sores would heal.
Oh, farewell beautiful nightingales!!...
You gave me the last hug with a kiss,
You flew away into the Highway to Heaven,
And I sealed our blessings with my living lips.

Author: Starry Dawn.
God's peace be with you.
Until we meet again.
Thank you, for loving me!!


"Madeleines Meanderings" said...

Beautiful words Starry!
Beautiful photos!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh Starry I am so sorry you are so sad about the loss of all your friends and family. I do understand loss. It is hard to get over and sometimes hard to understand. sandie

JT said...

A beautiful poem Starry. I think about you often. I pray for your happiness. God bless you.

Crystal Mary said...

Hello dear friend. You need to speak out loud to those nightmares and tell them to go away in Jesus name. I believe you feel lonely and in that state of mind you think about the past..because now you have the time to do so.
Now here is a verse for you to hang onto. "The thief (devil) comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I (JESUS) have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 14:14
From today I want you to keep saying to yourself.
I am special because God in Heaven is my Father. If he is king then I am a princess. I am special so I will love myself as well as everyone else that I love..
Now,,,Hug Yourself..
And keep on seeing only the beauty of all you have.. xxxx

Starry Dawn said...

Howdy Madeleine, Sandie, John, Crystal Mary, and all Online friends who visit me,
I highly appreciate your heartfelt comments. I am honored with your presence in my sites.
Thank you so much for caring and for loving me, dear Online friends!
God may bless you all!!
Have a blessed weekend!!
Virtual Hugs,
Poet Starry.