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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Today's Short Story while I'm having a Cup of Tea...

Today's Short Story while I'm having a Cup of Tea...

When I was a little girl, my dear family and I gathered at table in our family reunion. The seniors used to tell tales, short stories and personal thoughts in our gatherings. There was no TV Set back then in our home. Yes, music was on, something that was always there, and the superb presence of my dear auntie who was a great pianist, then my grandmom -on the side of my father- was an Opera Soprano singer just like my other auntie, her youngest daughter. My mom and dad played an important role model in my future personality as I became an adult. I am someone who highly appreciate talents, Art, Music, Literature, and other deep spiritual expressions of the soul. A talented person who is unable to develop her/his communication through artistic developments will be like an amputated spirit in the end. My dear family used to teach me fine good manners too...
I am glad to say that they were musicians and Opera Soprano singers on the side of my father, and Fine Arts Oil Painters on the side of my dear mother. I got an Artistic background on both sides of my dear family. Well now, I may tell you another short story while having a cup of tea...
After lunch, without waiting to get permission from their parents, the two boys set off to explore the part of the beach which lay beyond the headland. They persuaded their young little sister to stay behind, saying that the long walk would be too tiring for her. Once they had passed beyond the headland, the beach stretched away endlessly in front of them. It was like discovering a new world. What exciting things they would do!!
There were damp, dark caves to explore, in each of which they half expected to come across smugglers hiding; there were innumerable pools among the rocks, full of small fish and other sea-creatures; and scattered along the beach, there were all those strange, yet commonplace, objects which are washed up and left by the tide.
The afternoon passed quickly and the sun was already beginning to go down when the two boys reluctantly decided to turn back and make their way homewards. Long before they reached the headland, however, they could see that the tide had come in so far that they were now cut off from the other part of the beach.
They looked at each other in dismay. It was useless to go on, since clearly there was no way of getting beyond the headland. If, on the other hand, they went back the way they had just come, the tide would come in long before they reached the end of the beach. Their only chance of escape was to find a way up the cliff, which in some places was not very steep. At least, they might be able to climb high enough to be out of reach of the waves, which were coming closer all the time.
In less than ten minutes, they found a narrow path which seemed to lead all the way to the cliff top. But their troubles were not yet over. Halfway up, the path was blocked by a large rock, which they could not climb over. The two boys at once began to shout at the top of their voices, hoping that someone walking along the cliff top might hear them. They were both surprised, however, when their father's face appeared over the top of the rock. He told them not to move until he came back.
In a short while, he reappeared with two policemen, one of whom climbed down a rope which was lowered over the rock. The two boys were then pulled up to safety.
At the end of the cliff, they found their anxious mother and their young little sister. Luckily, she had told her parents where her brothers had gone, and thus saved them from spending a wet night on the cliff.
That is all for today fellows...

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