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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Friday, January 27, 2012

"I appreciate Artistic Talents in every form." (2)

"I appreciate Artistic Talents in every form." (2)

I hope you enjoy watching all these gorgeous pictures taken by Artistic Talents in every form.
I am afraid to say, but I've got some sad news to report...
Due to my health issues and personal matters, I should take A LONG WRITING BREAK.
Now, construction workers are painting the outside of the Tower Building in our place. It's uncomfortable living here at the present time with the whole mess they are making...
Then, they will paint the inside of the Building, the Terrace, wax all floors, and finally the inside of Dr. Paul's apartment. Whatsmore, the Local Gas Company of the City has been doing  Inspections related to Gas Issues in the neighborhood, after fire and gas explotions nearby. They plan to cut off our Gas Supply, due to the heater and stove which are not working well, and got a gas leak that one may inhale...
They said that Dr. Paul -the owner- should fix all these things right away, because it is dangerous for everyone's health to live in this Tower Building. I guess, it'll be more practical to move out of here, for it's getting too dangerous in our present place.
You know, I have got a nice small apartment elsewhere.
So, we can use my place for a while, if Dr. Paul wants to move with me. I don't want him to take his things to my small place.
Anyway, there is NO INTERNET & NO COMPUTER in my place, just a little furniture and lots of books that I use.
In other words, I won't be connected to it, for I'll be very busy doing other personal things, and dealing with my health issues.
I might write a few more posts in here before we leave, the ones that I've already got in my mind, I guess...
Then, I may be taking A LONG WRITING BREAK, due to the reasons stated above. The good news is...
If that is God's will, I shall be going to New York for our dear family reunion this coming Spring of 2012.
Thank you so much for understanding me, dear Online friends!!
It has been a real pleasure meeting all of you.
A Banquet of Blessings may always abound in your dear lives!!
Until we write again.
All the best,
Poet Starry Dawn.


Chatty Crone said...

I like the one that says Life is short - drink the coffee. sandie

PJ said...

I have to say, I'm with Chatty! I love my coffee. Just as I will be going through internet withdrawl on my cruise, at least I will have coffee to comfort me.haha! I will miss you Starry. Hurry and get your health taken care of, and get back to posting.

Love you bunches!

PJ said...

Hey Sandie! Sorry about using Chatty instead of your name. I hope it didn't offend you.


Starry Dawn said...

Hi Sandie & Patti,
Oh!! Thank you for paying your kind visit and saying nice things!!
It's always a pleasure for me to have you all on board.
Patti, you are going to relax on a Cruise to the Caribbean Islands.
Great News!! You deserve vacations.
Have a wonderful time in the Caribbean!!
Have a blessed time!!
All the best,
Poet Starry Dawn.

Crystal Mary said...

Hi Starry,
Life happens.
I pray all goes well for you.
Just keep living in the spirit of love and letting God lead the way...
With all my love.Crystal xxxx

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Crystal,
Thank you for spending time with me!! You are an adorable friend.
Yes!! I let God lead my way.
God is my best friend along with my dear cats. I don't trust humans.
Love always,