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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Friday, September 30, 2011



I believe in an everlasting friendship in Christ.
How long does it take to show another Christian friend your caring ways? How long does it take to say a prayer for those in need of prayers?? I wonder how you feel about this...
I am flattered to say that I wish to thank all those who took the time to answer MY EMAIL, which I sent out to all my Online friends as an invitation to come over for a Virtual cup of afternoon tea with cake to celebrate my birthday Online.
Many charming, lovely friends not only replied to my Email with their warm birthday wishes, but also posted their lovely greetings in my birthday thread. Dozens of Online friends at the American Christian Poetry Forums, in which I have been an active member since early 2005, gave me so much joy with a wonderful Virtual Birthday Party that put a smile on my face.
However, to those folks who failed to not even write a couple of kind words saying Happy Birthday, I let you know that another tear has gone into the sea, another drop of water has gone into your soil to make a forsaken, lonely rose bloom in your threshold. Another tear became a rose, and my outcry would shout until my life expire...
An act of kindness does not cost a single dime.
Thanks God, the Lord is always present in my life, and that is all I need!!
ANOTHER  BLOGGER  ISSUE. I understand that each person is the Owner of her/his Blog. I let you all know that I am undergoing some blogger issues. I am not able to post my comments into the Blogs of my friends who do not have "an open window comment format". I admit that I am deeply hurt. It hurts not to be welcome, to feel unwanted. I hope this issue could be solved with just a few changes in your Blog Settings.
I have already changed my blog settings to "an open window comment format." If this issue continues, I won't feel welcome. Then, I won't feel encouraged to keep on going, to keep on writing my blogs.
I shall wait and see what happens in the near future.
Anyway, Part 2 of "The homeless and his dog story" is coming up soon.
Thank you in advance for reading My Monthly Newsletters!!
All the best,


Sarah (Nikki) said...

Hey Starry Dawn....I'm sorry what you've been feeling and know from my heart to yours...you're always welcome whether you can comment or not. Your emails to me...your thoughts always make me smile. You're an amazing woman...strong...caring...awesome....Never let go of that....Never believe otherwise...Hey pinky swear on that okay.....Your bloggy bud....Nikki

Sarah (Nikki) said...

just wanted to tell you....it's hard to see the post comment because it's too dark and blends in with the page. You might want to change it to white. ☺

Child of God said...

Be encouraged hon and don't feel down.

Praying for you,

Starry Dawn said...

Thank you, Sarah and Child of God for coming over to see me!!
Welcome aboard at anytime!!
God bless!!
Poet Starry.