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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Power of Love in the Book of Life.

The Power of Love in the Book of Life.

Love is the essential nutrient that nourishes the world to spin, to go round. Love is the fuel that ignites the motivation for doing things for others. Show them that you care, say you love them each day...

Love fuels and activates our most inner substances, which make us creative and worthwhile. Love is a very valuable asset, the basement, the foundation of great buildings, especially the building of our lives.

Jesus loved the world so much that He gave His own life, as a living sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sins, as the ultimate act of unselfish love.

When you love, you don't hurt the ones you love. So, don't stigmatize with the stiletto of words. Harsh words could be as sharp as a blade. Harsh words could cause mortal fears. So, they could really hurt and cause a mortal blow in the depths of one's soul.

Be nice with others, for you'll never know when one is undergoing hurdles, a hurtful heart, a low self-esteem, and needs kind words to sustain or support his/her spirit.

Don't be cruel!! Treat others the way you wish to be treated, and your golden rewards you'll collect in Heaven. God will judge each of us at the end of times. Give away a touch of love, a slice of Heaven from your kind heart, so that you may heal or get healed by the power of your love.

Rejoice, be glad in this day, in this moment that God has given you!!

Love in Christ,



Chatty Crone said...

The golden rule! SANDIE

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandie,
Thank you for visiting me!!
I highly appreciate your heartfelt comments,
and your wise evaluations.
You are a kind hearted and loving lady.
God keeps blessing you, Sandie!!
Love in Christ,

Clint said...

Love, love, love-----can't ever get enough love.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Clint for stopping by!!
I highly appreciate your comments.

Crystal Mary said...

Happy Happy Birthday My darling friend Starry, God loves you beyond what you realise..you are a bright STAR in His heavenlies..and you shine out His love to all. May your birthday be a blessing filled with happiness. Blessings of Love, Joy Health and Peace. xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi my sweet dearest friend, Crystal,
I am so happy when I see you reading my posts and writing your heartfelt comments, Crystal.
You are so beautiful from inside out.
Your warm birthday wished made my day.
I had a wonderful birthday celebrated at home with my dear friends, including my 3 cats.
Blessings of love, joy, health and peace to you too, sweetheart Crystal.

Anonymous said...

I made a typing spelling mistake in my previous post. I mean, "Your warm birthday wishes made my day." I do not like mistakes...
I am a perfectionist sort of lady, perhaps harsh at times...
I have the heart of a strict teacher.
Best Regards,