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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Welcome to a brand new day to one and all!!
Welcome Aboard to My New Blog!! I am so happy to have you aboard.
My soul, an expression of virtue, the soothing music of the field, a balm in a raging deep blue sea, and the joy brought by the morning herald, would like to share with you, the wondrous news of this day.
I am Starry Dawn, a concerned American Christian, mature woman, a loving mother and a proud grandmother. I love my dear family so much. Long ago, I used to have wonderful jobs in my life. Now, I am an aging baby boomer with health issues, and I write poems, stories and other deep expressions of my heart, so that I should let my inner poetical muse go, elevate one's spirit to another dimension, and reach into people's hearts worldwide. I had overcome the hardships of life, for God showed me the way.
In the morning, I walk out of the house to my beautiful garden of plants, and pray to the open air gazing at the sky. Absorbing the sunlight, inhaling God's presence and the beauty of the new day, I claim the blessings of the incoming hours. I give thanks to God in all circumstances. Then, I come back home and start writing. I write my prayers, my songs, my reflections, thoughts, my poems and stories, and so on. Now, I have decided to begin with a completely new writing project, which is basically a journal of whatever appears in my mind that would be worth to read.
I don't write every single day. However, I write and post when I have something meaningful to say that will be worth and meaningful to read.
When I do this, I feel God's presence in a very palpable way. God created me in this way with high goals and lasting moral values. Writing is my prayer language, my way of communicating to the world, and the language of my heart.
One of the worst things that could happen to a person is to have an amputated spirit, which may lead to an amputated or stolen future. Freedom of will is the key to a successful life. My theory is that poetry is also a language coming from the heart.
I love the Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior with all my heart. He shows me the way in all I do. The Lord raised me up to the top of the mountains, to places that I thought I would never reach. He is an amazing Lord. He gives me strenght so that I may continue on my way to fulfill His master plan on me. I also love animals, the rhythmical heartbeats of wildlife and our natural environment. These are just the beginning of my point of interests...
Please, take some of your precious time, sit back, relax, enjoy reading and basking in the beauty of poetry, reflections, thoughts and stories of all kind. From this point on, my journeys and journals from our galaxy will be weekly posts about every day things or existing topics in different time and places in the Universe.
May you hear God's voice in your heart, know His touch in your life, and feel His unconditional love each day. May the grace and peace of the Lord be with you always.
I love windows everywhere. My soul is also a window to the world.
My Lord dwells there.
Thank you in advance for sharing with me this day!!
God bless you in every step of the way!!
In God's Garden,

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