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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

120 Degrees Farenheit.

120 Degrees Farenheit.

Good Morning, Dear Readers!!

It won't be unusual for me to describe the given situation in my journals that might involve my story in the present time or past history, or how the weather is like in my corner of the world, or how other hazzards could really turn into dangerous or unhealthy situations into one's life. My journeys and journals will be stories at a given time either present or past.
Yesterday, I was expecting to write a passage which its title would be:
"My Castle, My Fortress, My Home."
Unfortunately, due to the harsh weather conditions in my corner of the world, I am unable to work under a heat wave of 120 degrees Farenheit. At the present time, I am overseas dealing with some personal business and fighting the hot weather that is unbearable. My hubby does not really mind, due to the reason that he is a local born in this remoted area. He is still a Chief Medical Surgeon of the Emergency Room at a Public Hospital in this area. He plans to retire in the near future. We also make plans to relocate back to the States with my dear family. I am a New York Certified Nurse's Assistant, an American lady who used to live in the big city of New York. I have my dear American family living there, my daughter and my three grandchildren. I love them so much, and miss them so dearly!!
I began my journey long ago. Now, I am still traveling...
As I have already mentioned, I am unable to write under harsh weather conditions, and 120 degrees Farenheit will melt my brain in no time. My four cats are sleeping all day long, and they seem exhausted without any energy, not even to raise their bodies in order to eat or drink water. I ought to help them too. As I am an aging baby boomer, my aching body suffers all kind of health issues, and I have to beat the pain, especially in my muscles and bones, due to the conditions of the weather. I might be wrong, it could be just me going through the aging process so swiftly.
I hope and pray the weather gets better, if that is God's will.
Until we write again, my dear readers.
Thank you in advance for reading my posts!! You are always welcome aboard!!
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God bless you, my dear readers!!
I am happy to have you aboard. Please, come back and visit me at anytime!!...


Paul said...

Hi Starry:

Is Starry Dawn your real name? If so, it is really nice and make sense.

I like warm weather and I don't get enough of that where I live. But 120 degree, where on earth could this be? :) Earth should be furthest away from the sun right now unless it must be a place in a desert near the equator.


Starry Dawn said...

Hi Paul,
Thank you so much for visiting my journal blog, and saying lovely comments about it!!
You are always welcome aboard, sweetheart!!
I have other blogs as well that you may join, if you wish, like a poetry blog, devotionals and thoughts, my family album, and so on.
Starry Dawn is my artistic name. It means the morning star. I don't like my real name. About the place where we live with my husband is South America at this point. We travel a lot, so we may be in another part of the world at anytime in the future. We plan to relocate back to the States in the near future, perhaps, to a lovely Southern State. I am an American Christian lady, a New York Certified Nurse's Assistant, a poet and a writer, a loving mother and a grandmother. My hubby is a Medical Chief Surgeon of the Emergency Room in a Public Hospital Overseas. He is about to retire at anytime. Then, we shall travel more freely...
Thank you, Paul for sharing your kind comments with me, and for reading my posts!!
By the way, my hubby's name is also Paul.
God bless you, Paul, and those you love!!
Best Regards,
Starry Dawn.