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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011



I know the Art Gallery of my grandfather could be priceless these days. However, there is a story behind these gorgeous oil paintings.
My grandfather, the father of my mother, was Swiss. He was European and passed away in 1927. My dear mom was only a 2-year-old baby.
My grandfather always painted his oil paintings without a mask. The smell of oil paintings poisoned my grandfather killing him within a short time. My grandmother, the mother of my mother, was Northern Italian. She sold all her husband's oil paintings to just barely survive for a little while. Then, my grandmom  turned into poverty. Back then, my grandmother would give up her youngest baby,  my dear mom, to her own mother (my great-grandmother) and sisters (my great aunts) for my mom's upbringing as a child. My mom told me later on that she would miss her mom so much, and she would grow up with emotional disorders without her dear mom. Now, I can understand how my mom must have felt back then... It is indeed, heartbreaking when one does not grow up with her/his own mother for one reason or another. It could just kill one's heart and leave everlasting emotional wounds for a lifetime. My mom always talked about her daddy, the one she would never get to know. When my mom turned 18, she moved with her dear mom, my grandmother. Shortly afterwards, my mom met my father and got married. My parents had only one child, me. My mom took her mom in her new apartment with my daddy. So, my mom, grandmom, dad and me all lived happily together for a while. All went well, and joy abound for about 9 years of my life, until a woman stole my daddy's heart away from my dear mom. Depression, sadness and inner wounds slowly sucked my mom's life away. As a little child, I saw my mother cried an ocean in the pit of her despair, which shook me right from within. She had not got enough energy left for me. Our lives had been shattered, because of the other woman's fault in my dad's life. That evil woman is still living somewhere, and both of my parents have been dead for a long while. I have already shared some family pics for you to get the picture. You see, I was growing up as a child back then, and I still needed my mom so badly. My mom was slowly falling apart. She discharged all her anger, sadness, lonelyness, frustrations, depression over me as a child and teenager. When I grew up as an adult, I took a final decision, I left her home and went to New York. My mother's heart was broken one more time and forever...
Dear Readers, Love is the fuel that makes the world go round. We are nothing without love. Think about that, my Online readers and friends. Please, let me know what you think about love...
Show kindness to others, for you'll never know when one is undergoing some kind of hurdle or hurting inside.....
I created this blog to remain in contact with my Online friends.
There will be no point for me to keep on going with an empty page.
Now, the story goes on and on...  God bless!!
Poet Starry Dawn.


Chatty Crone said...

You sure do have a lot of pictures of your past family and seem to know the stories of everyone. That is missing in my life. Glad you have it - very interesting. sandie

Crystal Mary said...

Hello Starry, What a wonderful story yet very sad. The photos are so very special. I love them. Your gandfather was a great artist. I cannot understand how the smell of paint killed him?? as many of the old time artists painted without a mask. One of the biggest killers years ago was actually T.B. which at one time was called consumption. Anyhow besides all that...I am so very glad you have these photos. You no longer have your gandfather, but you do have these wonderful memories. I feel you are so very rich to be able to look back on your past and know what a great man he was.. Wonderful. Much love Crystal xxx

Starry Dawn said...

Thank you, Sandie and Crystal for coming over to visit me!!
It's a real pleasure to see you here. Please, feel welcome aboard at anytime!! Yes!! It's indeed, a sad story, yet true written here...
Sandie, you've got an open window comment format, so that I am able to go to your blog and write my comments. That is great news!
Crystal, I am not able to post my comments in your blog. That is sad for me, honey! Can you change your blog settings to an open window comments format, please?? Then, I'll be able to comment your posts, dear Crystal.
I do not see why I can't post comments in my Online friends blogs. Some folks put cookies to prevent me from going to their blogs, and that fact hurts me...
Thank you in advance to all readers for visiting my site!!
God may bless you all!!
Welcome aboard to all good folks!!
Poet Starry.

Clint said...

What wonderful, enchanting old pix of your grandfather's gallery. And what a terribly depressing story about evil and what it can do to us.

Child of God said...

Hi Starry Dawn,
What a beautiful gallery. Talent runs in your family...I wonder if you or your daughter or grandchildren have this talent.

It is hard to have strife and divorce in the family. I am sorry you suffered here. Isn't it wonderful, though, we have a heavenly Father, a Daddy that will never leave or forsake us? A Papa that is always there for us we just need to seek Him out, read His word and allow His Spirit to heal the hurting places of our soul. Our God is amazing.

Blessings and hugs girl,

Starry Dawn said...

Thank you, Clint for coming over to my site and express your thoughts!! Yes!! Evil could be everwhere, and we must fight it in the name of Jesus. However, not everyone does that...
Have a blessed day, with all your beloved ones, Clint!!

Starry Dawn said...

Thank you, Child of God for coming over to visit my site!!
I have just made a typing mistake in my reply to Clint's post.
I meant, "Evil could be everywhere, and we must fight it in full Armour of God, and always in the name of Jesus."
I answer your question, Child of God, about my daughter, or me, or my grandchildren having the same gene-pool talents of my maternal grandfather in the sense of the ability to paint and draw beautiful things. And the answer is "NO."
Unfortunately, none of us inherited my grandfather's outstanding artistic talents in the field of The Arts.
In fact luckily, I inherited some artistic talent in the form of lyrics writing and poetry writing. I compose lyrics and poems, plus tales, inspirational thoughts and so on. I also try to sing the best that I can. I used to sing in the Choir at my former High School Catholic Church. You see, I am a Catholic Christian. Most of Italians or folks with Italian heritage are Catholics. I plan to begin to include "Poetry, Praise & Prayer" in My Monthly Newsletters, if that is God's will for me.
I hope my Online friends may give me moral support and visit me often. Kindness is not expensive, it is our gift to give to others.
Have a blessed day, Child of God, with all your beloved ones!!
You are a real blessing as a friend. All the best.
Poet Starry.

PJ said...

I love to look at "old pictues of
"days gone by". As far as what I think about love, my first thought is...God is love, without Him we cannot survive. He is our being, our breath, our creator. Therefore, to show love is to show the characteristics of God. Humility, meekness, kindness, charity, and all of His other attributes. God Bless,

PJ said...

Well, one of these days I will learn to spell pictures. haha. I re-read your post again. I wanted to tell you something as only a good friend can. OK? Take all this sadness which you have stored up about your parents, the bitterness you have toward the woman that "stole your dad's heart", and give it to God. He can make things better. He can't changed what happened, but He can help you deal with the outcome better. By holding all of these feelings, you are doing more damage to yourself. The people can't hurt you anymore. It's up to you to push these feelings aside and give yourself permission to love life, the Doctor and your children. When you are unhappy, so are they. When you start feeling these old regrets and hurt feelings welling up inside think on Philippians 4:8. I won't write the whole verse because it is quite long, but remember to think on things that are pure, honest, just, lovely and of good report. In other words, push the negativity away from you and think positive thoughts. I care for you and don't want to see you thinking about things that can get you in a state of depression. (I know I've done it before). All it takes is one little negative thought and that thought snowballs into depression. Let's think positive things together, ok?

God Bless,