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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Saturday, June 18, 2011

"The Isles of Shoals Tourism with History."

"The Isles of Shoals Tourism with History."

I have a special fascination for beautiful places in the Geography of our world, and also for History and Historical places. I admire talented people as well in all forms of The Fine Arts. Captain John Smith discovered the rugged, storm-swept Isles of Shoals off the coasts of Maine and New Hampshire in 1614. The first settlers were Robert John and Richard Cutts who came across the seas from Wales to build their huts on the islands. Later, Sir Pepperell established the fishing industry there and laid the foundation for a fabulous fortune. The largest of the island group was originally called Hog Island, but this was later changed to Appledore. Smuttynose, earlier known as Haley's Island, lies close to Appledore and at low tide Cedar and Malaga Islands are connected with the latter by a breakwater, built it is said by Captain Haley with the proceeds from four bars of silver found among the rocks. He also erected a salt works, built a rope walk and set up a windmill. Each night, he kept a lamp lighted from the sunset to sunrise to aid the mariners into the harbor formed by a breakwater. It was on Star Island that Captain Kidd was said to have buried some of his treasure. The first Isle of Shoals Lighthouse was erected on White Island, almost 6 miles off the coast of New Hampshire in 1821. It was a stone tower with the lantern about 90 feet above the water. Thomas Laighton sold his business in Portsmouth in 1839, and became keeper of the Isle of Shoals Lighthouse. Five years before, he had purchased Appledore, Smuttynose, Malaga and Cedar Islands. When Laighton retired as keeper in 1847, he had built a large hotel, "The Oceanic" on Star Island. His daughter, Celia Laighton-Thaxter (1835-1894), became one of the most popular American authors, poetess and writer in the 19th Century. The old story (true or not) tells that one night in 1873, Louis Wagner, knowing that the men were away from Smuttynose Island, rowed all the way across from the mainland in the rought waters in Wintertime just to rob fisherman Houtnet's residence. Caught and recognized by the woman from Norway, the only survivor there, it was said back then that Wagner killed two pretty girls from Norway out of the three females in the uninhabited island. Then, he returned to his dory and rowed back to the mainland late in the same night. Later, he was captured, tried and hanged. The only lady survivor accused him. To my personal point of view, that is a weird story. With today's technology, a deep investigation would take place. Poet Celia L. Thaxter lived in the Isles of Shoals at that time, and she wrote an Essay about this murder case. She called her story, "A memorable murder." Poet Celia became the hostess of her father's hotel, "The Appledore House", and welcomed many New England literary and artistic distinguished notables to the island, such as famous poets, writers, musicians, artists, painters, photographers, etc. The murders on Smuttynose Island inspired Anita Shreve to write her Novel: "The Weight of Water." A movie was made with Sean Penn in 1997. I've posted some illustrative photos with history. Have you seen the film or read the book??...
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Clint said...

I especially love the notion that poets have visited. Thank you for a most memorable post!