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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Thursday, May 5, 2011



Catching every breath I deeply take

And moving slowly into the rainbow,

I lie beneath the sunset

Watching the foam of sea waves rolling down.

If tomorrow never comes,

I'll hold no regrets behind;

I have found no lasting moments

To rest happily on my mind.

New worlds envisage a new freedom

Venturing into gardens with open doors.

I step in the midst of hush

when the lions roar and the eagles soar.

I spread the wings of my soul

Writing a heartfelt creation.

My soul soars like an eagle

Bringing joy with my inspiration.

Author: Starry Dawn.

Today, April 5th, is being one month of the loss of my best friend, my dear cat Mimmo.

I am still grieving his beautiful being. Time won't heal this wound.

It'll always remain a deep scar...

No other cat will replace his unconditional love for me. The cruel South American Vet took his life performing a very bad surgery. He removed his poor colon intestine. Mimmo's intestine died inside him after a few days of his original surgery. The Vet did not perform a good job. He called me and said that Mimmo was gone. I began to cry an Ocean. I can't forgive these kind of mistakes. Mimmo was very sick. He had a chronic constipation. I feel guilty when I remember that I placed my dear Mimmo into his transportation cart, and said good-bye to him on that evening...My companion carried Mimmo to the Vet's shop, like he had always had with my other cats who passed away. I lost many cats in the recent years. I used to have 10 at home at one point in 2002. I am disabled in some ways, you know. So, I have hard times in moving around the city. Anyway, I went to see Mimmo straight away after his passing. It was a dreadful scene in front of my eyes. The Vet opened up my poor Mimmo like a bleeding deer. I am sorry, my dear readers, for being unable to give you good news. I might soon begin to write suspense, thrillers stories and tales in prose in the near future. Only time will tell what I ought to or about to reveal...

Thank you in advance for reading My Monthly Newsletters!!

Until we write again.

Starry Dawn.


sarah said...

stopping by to send you hugs. You shine Starry Dawn.

Chatty Crone said...

I like your poem. Happy Mother's Day. sandie

Starry Dawn said...

Thank you, sweet Sarah for sending me hugs, and telling me that I shine!! You shine like a star too, dear Sarah. God bless you, and those you love, sweetheart!!
Happy Mother's Day, Sarah!!
Poet Starry.

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Sandie,
I am glad you like my poem.
I am so glad that you always stop by to visit me. Happy Mother's Day to you too, Sandie dear!!
The Lord and His peace be with you and with your beloved ones at all times.
In God's Garden,
Poet Starry.