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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Monday, March 21, 2011



The other day, I came across a post written by a lovely fellow blogger who was talking about her dear mother. I always read carefully when I am interested in the topic or subject matter. My Online friend is lucky to still have her mom. I was not that lucky...
When it comes to talk about mothers, I feel like touching Heaven with the tips of my hands.
My dear mother was indeed, my best friend. She was the most wonderful person that I had ever met in my lifetime. I am unable to describe with words or poems what my mom really meant to me. My whole world shattered into million pieces when my mom departured from this world. She did not want to, for my mom was waiting for me and my little child to arrive from New York in the following days. Her dear life was taken away, snatched from her by evil doers. My life was completely changed afterwards. The change was great enough to make me become into a completely different woman. My dear mom was only 59 when she was gone.
This happened overseas and long ago...
When I was a little child, my mom sent me to a Christian Catholic Nun School. My own family were all Christians, and the nuns disciplined me. I was like a little soldier obeying rules and orders from my superiors, and they were all very strict, like bossy captains handling the boat. They did not want the boat to go adrift. No matter what they did, I still recall wonderful and loving memories from them. Folks who are old enough to remember how life was like at least 50 years ago, you will be able to understand what I am talking about. Respect was very important back then, for it was a big issue at that time. Complete obedience or respect to parents, mother, father, aunts and also higher authorities, like teachers, professors, doctors and so on was absolutely mandatory. Children never dared to raise their little voices, insult or hit or did evil things against their parents. Modern times arouse later on, like a nightmare to many who have different ways or lifestyles. I was brought up by my dear mom and her mother, my grandmother. They were Northern Italians. So, I've got Italian blood and heritage on my mother's side. My grandma lost her husband, the father of my mom, and my grandfather on my mother's side, when she was only 2 years old. My grandfather was Swiss. He was into Teaching Fine Arts, Oil Paintings and other kind of crafts.
He had a School of Art back in early 1900's. Unfortunately, he passed away at an early age, and left my mom without a father when she was still a baby. My grandmom had to work during times when women were not allow to work outside, only at home. In other words, my mom and my grandma,who raised me up, were old fashioned minded ladies. I -as a child and a young teenager- had to obey their strict rules, like no make-up, no nylon stockings, no high hills, no going out with friends, and no boyfriends ever. I was unable to get married or to have my own family. My upbringing was done with a strict discipline. I guess, I was born just to take care of my parents, and not to have a life on my own. Years later, when I grew up into an adult age, I decided to leave my mom's nest and settled down in New York by myself. It was devastating for my parents, especially for my mom. Anyway, I was determined, for I was looking for freedom...
Now, I could say that my dear mother was my best friend after all. No one could ever replace her loving ways. No matter what she did, she was still my dearest mother, and I respected her own ways. I'll always love my mom until the end of my life into Eternity.
Dear Online Friends, Do you still have your mother with you?? Is she your best friend?? If your mother is in Heaven, How was she like in a friendship with you as a child?? Do you have good memories of your childhood?? I just wonder...
I have written many poems for my dear mother. Now, I shall post one of them.
I call it: "MY MOTHER'S HEART."

Tears are falling
While I am standing in the rain,
Missing her hugs, her caring love,
Feeling that I'll be going insane.
I'll be growing older without her love
Until my tears will bloom into a rose.
When I say I miss her,
I am talking about my sweet mother.
I miss her love, voice and ways,
The corner where we used to gather
In Winter days by the fireplace.
Now, there is silence and a lonely place.
Mom used to sing and tell me tales.
Another day goes by without my mom.
To me, Mother's Day is every single day.
In my dreams, I call mom, yet I find no answer...
I keep calling mom as I dial in the sky.
Her number has been written in Heaven;
I mean to call, not to say good-bye.
This angel dove flew away
to Heavenly places afar.
She was so gentle, noble and pure.
I am talking about my mother's heart.
Author: Starry Dawn.
Thank you in advance for reading my Monthly Newsletters!!
I am looking forward to meeting my dear mother again in Heaven with the Lord.


Chatty Crone said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your dear mother. We never get over that loss do we? I lost my mother in 2003. Love, sandie

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Sandie,
Thank you for stopping by, sweet friend!!
I am glad to see you here.
I am sorry for the loss of your mother, dear.
Yes!! I agree with you. We never get over the loss of the woman who gave life to us.
I lost my dear mother back in 1986, long ago...
Many folks are lucky to have their mothers.
God bless you, sweet Sandie!!
I just love to see you visiting me, sweetheart.
Let's have a cup of tea and chat for a while...
Until we write again.

Crystal Mary said...

Hello dear Starry, There is no-one quite like your own mother. And I can never imagine how some mothers don't love their children, or do harm to them. Reading about your mother I can see and feel her..
Did she call you Cara (dear) or bella mia (my beautiful) as I call my grown children? I am sure she probably had an endearing name for you. She is in your heart, always to remain...just think my friend, she never had to grow old, suffer arthritis or even worse, alzhiemers..or perhaps worse.. Only God knows what he saved her from..You miss her dearly, and I understand that!! I remember when my grandparents went to glory, I missed them, and I felt very angry to loose them. BUT, they are running young and free in heaven awaiting my arrival, just as your mother is you.. I am sure she loved you very much. I can hear regret in your story. Regret that you left and went to live a life far away...AND..I Have To SAY, She was happy for you, even though lonely for herself. She is always and ever with you. ALWAYS!!! Love never dies..1 Corinthians 13..
God is Love..and your mother knew love, real love... That love my friend, now lives on in you... XXX Crystal xxxx
Io ti amo, tanto tanto. xx

sarah said...

this is beautiful Starry Dawn...a great tribute to your mom. ☺

Starry Dawn said...

Thank you so much, Crystal Mary and dear Sarah for taking your precious time, visiting my site, reading my posts and writing your lovely point of views!! I truly appreciate your kindness, dear readers.
Welcome Aboard at anytime!!
God be with you always.
All the Best.
Until we write again.
Starry Dawn.