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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Monday, February 28, 2011

Welcome Aboard to My New Blog!!

Welcome Aboard to My New Blog!!
I am so happy to invite you to come aboard. This journey, I do not want to do it alone. I shall post My Monthly Newsletter, when I have something meaningful to say and to share with the world. I'll post my journals, stories, thoughts, general comments and other things in prose, and I'll also share classical poetry and some of my poems from time to time.
You see, I have reached to a conclusion that I have had too many blogs to handle, which I've found impossible for me to do. So, I decided to compose My New Blog with a little bit of everything for the world to share. I hope and pray that you will still read my posts and visit me. My inference will flow as clear as a waterfall.
God has set a plan for my life, and I am trying to accomplish all the multi-tasks assigned for me. I find hard to do so many things at the same time, since I am a disabled lady after the surgery in my lower abdomen. I hope you may understand.
The assignment that I truly enjoy the most is to help the helpless, the hurting, the loveless, the unwanted, the ones in most need...
I see myself as a loyal friend with lasting moral values, a loyal lady in my personal life, a Wildlife Warrior, Soldier for Christ, Prayer Warrior and other good labels.
If I ever said something that may have offended your feelings, I ask for your forgiveness. I've never had the intention to hurt anybody's feelings. Please, visit me!! Do not leave me alone!! Share your comments; I do not want to feel lonely again...
About My Journals, they will accomodate my inner thoughts in random order as they appear in my mind.
Everything else, they will remain the same as before.
I know that many of my readers like to read my poetry. Since I don't have new poems written recently, I've been searching for a cute poem to share this day, and I've just come across this one. I hope you like it, and share your wise evaluations.
I called it: "UNFOLD YOUR LOVE."
Unfold your love over the wings of the wind
When the sun begins to peep.
My tears won't subside,
If my heart gently weeps.
Catch the stars one by one when they fall,
Gaze upon the moon that in your eyes is drawing.
You'll envision its beauty in the deep blue sea.
Then, you'll realize that the Lord is calling.
Mark the day of His call in the calendar of life.
He will call you only once. Are you ready??...
Unfold your love over the wings of the wind
When the sun begins to peep.
My tears won't subside,
If my heart gently weeps.
Author: Starry Dawn.
I shall return when I have something meaningful to say and share with the world.
Until we write again...


Crystal Mary said...

Hello sweetness,as I read what you write here and understand what you are saying I see myself. There is so much inside me that I desire to share, and much I do, yet some I can't. You have suffered very much pain and hurt. And yet you don't want to concerntrate on that you want to reach out instead, and help others. You may even go further than that, as I do, and don't want others to know, you also have problems, you also have ghosts that haunt. Instead you just want to hold close, and sooth, the other persons wounds.I am getting older now and beginning to show it. Up until a few years ago I always looked younger. I have a great skin, women have been mean to me thinking I have life all together and never have a problem... This is where a great faith in the Lord Jesus steps in. He knows all and loves me still. I believe you I and a couple of other wonderful women on here should start a club?? We could make a Widget and give ourselves a name. Then we could choose other special women to join as we get to know them and know they FIT. Let me know what you think and what names you think...then we could pray on it and choose?? WOW!! You are Starry Dawn .... I just thought of one name..White Light. Anyhow, I leave it with you. xxxxxxxx

Paul said...

Hi Starry:

Just to let you know that I am on board. When I have time, I will come to visit your lovely blog and I have enjoyed reading your poem here. You are very talented.

I enjoy reading people's blog from all over the world like your's and what I found is that people from everywhere are really the same regardless of who they are and where they live.

It is truly amazing how talented some people are and they are willing to use their gift freely to share God's love with the world. I admire these people such as you.

If you like to look me up on facebook, I don't mind being your friend.

Thank you for sharing and God bless,

Paul said...

By the way, on facebook it goes by the name Paul Cheng (look for picture with a tall building reaching towards the sky)

sarah said...

Hi Starry Dawn...popped by to say hi....hope you're doing awesome.

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Paul,
Thank you for visiting my poetry corners!!
I truly appreciate your kindness.
Anyway, I am not using the computer that much, since my desktop computer broke down. I just borrow my hubby small laptop for a short while to type a few things and read something. I hardly use Facebook. I am sorry about that. I am sure you can find somebody else who uses it.
God bless you, Paul in all the ways.

Starry Dawn said...

Good Morning, sweet Sarah!!
I am so happy to see you here visiting me.
I often think of you when I get connected to my blogs. Your blog is a super blog and so inspiring, at least to me. It gives me a sense of hope and strength. Thank you, Sarah for sharing your love with the world and with me!!
You are awesome, Sarah. God bless you, sweetie!!
In God's Garden in Heaven,

Chatty Crone said...

I'm your newest follower now! sandie

Starry Dawn said...

Wooowww!!! Welcome Aboard, Sandie!!
Thank you for being interested in my blogs!!
Your visits are so precious to me.
I love my followers, my friends, because they are Angels sent by God to me.
The Lord be with you always, Sandie.
In God's Garden,

Starry Dawn said...

Good Morning, sweet Crystal!!
I love to see you reading my posts, and expressing your wise appraisals.
Welcome Aboard at anytime, Crystal!!
My Monthly Newsletters are inspirational readings in prose, tales, stories, writing tips and some poetry as well.
I may do some chit-chat too, if I have a free time. I am getting very busy at this time of the year. You know, I write for AMERICAN FORUMS.
I am so pleased with all my dear followers.
God bless you all, Crystal!!
In God's Garden,