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The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.

The Planet Earth is Our Common Home.
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Friday, December 30, 2011



You are invited for supper with us. You'll have a memorable experience at sunset.
You would have the choice to ask for a special request of flavours on our special delicious menu.
What would you like to order?? We shall please you for sure...
We -together- could find solutions to many serious problems in the world.
We could talk it over at supper time...
Are you coming over for supper with us??...
Can we count on you??...


Thursday, December 29, 2011

"The Antique Dealer." (Passage.)

"The Antique Dealer."  (Passage.)

Mr. Stone, the antique dealer, lived alone in a small apartment above his shop. Because of the many valuable articles which he kept on the premises, he was always afraid that one night someone would break in and rob him. Years before, when he had first come to live there, he had shutters fitted to all the ground-floor windows and strong locks put on all the doors. In addition, he locked up most of his valuable articles in a cupboard, which he had had specially made for this purpose. But, in spite of these precautions, he never felt safe, particularly when he had a lot of money in the apartment after a good day's business.
One Saturday night, when he counted his money after closing the shop, he found that he had taken nearly two thousand dollars that day. This was an exceptionally large sum and the thought of keeping it in the house made him feel very nervous. He knew that it would be better to take it to his son's house, where there was a small safe, but it was a foggy evening and his son lived on the other side of town. In the end, he took the money with him to his bedroom, put it in the pocket of one of his overcoats and locked the wardrobe door. He put the key under his pillow and went to bed.
Mr. Stone lay awake for a long time, wondering if his money was really safe, and it was well after midnight before he fell asleep. Almost immediately, or so it seemed, he was woken up by the loud ringing of the shop doorbell. He sat up in bed. Could he have been dreaming?? Surely, he thought, no one could want to see him at this hour of the night. The doorbell rang again, echoing through the silent house. He could not help thinking of a story he had read about a man who had been attacked and robbed when he went to answer the door at night. Once again the doorbell rang, more persistently this time.
Mr. Stone got out of bed and went across to the window. The fog had cleared slightly. He opened the window and looked out. He could just make out the shadowy figure of a man standing on the street below. "What do you want??" Mr. Stone called out in a nervous voice. The figure stepped back until it was standing under the street lamp. It was a policeman. "Sorry to disturb you, sir," said the policeman, "but there is a light on in your shop. I think you have forgotten to turn it off."
This story tells so much about being scared, frightened at one point in time...
I used to feel that way before, and I still do. I keep my precious belongings behind a locked door, and I guard them as a guard dog ready to attack to any intruder who tries to steal my golden treasures.
I began to write thrillers, the deadly fight between good and evil, and mystery stories. I indeed, challenge myself in a time frame on the chatterbox.
Does this tale remind you of something that has happened to you somewhere in time?? I wonder...
Thank you in advance for reading these stories!!
Poet Starry Dawn.



Dear Readers,

Thank you in advance for your charming and gentle appraisals on my little work in Blogland!!
I am perplexed to see so many comments you have offered as your gift of paramount importance.
It appeals to me the fact that in my approach to reach out to Christians worldwide, I have found an appreciative audience. Then, I am a grateful soul in my apostleship on the road of the world.
In my allocations, I use plenty of metaphors, axiomatic phrases, alliteration, allegories, drama, parameters, aphorisms, images, proverbs, and other related literature figures of speech to dash into the subject matter that I wish to go...
In our lifetime, we may encounter all sort of things like drops of assorted colours in the palette of an artistic painter. Some of my topics may seem allof, yet the allofness will be the final point in the universe of galaxies.
In my virtual picture with drawings of words like a glamorous dance in a golden ballroom, I gather the virtuous ones and its opposite in a rainbow of choices falling on the mantelpiece like southern rain.
For instance, I'll give you an example, the never ending battle between good and evil, the rich and the poor, justice and unjustified attitudes, rivalries, light and dark, and so on...
I write my pledge, my food for thoughts in Cyberland, and the readers will reach to their own conclusions about my writing skills.
However, all that is now -the heart of my poetic work- one day, it'll vanish, die, or come to an end like life itself, yet I'll still bask in the arms of mother nature...
I'll be taking a long writing break after the Holidays, in order to fuel my positive energy and to strengthen my inspirations.
I'll be posting a few more topics which will remain visible Online as long as there will be folks interested in reading my older posts.
Happy Holidays to each and everyone!!
God may bless you all!!

Best Regards,

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Keeping Your Mind Active is Healthy." (Essay.)

"Keeping Your Mind Active is Healthy."  (Essay.)

As you may know, I have volunteered my work Online since 2005, when I joined Christian American Poetry Forums in the Internet. Then, I began to blog separately different topics in 2009 -as a great means of communication with others worldwide. This Christian soul is a freelance writer, poet & lyricist. I never got profits out of my Online work, because I just do not want to. I share my poetical muse in my writing with a genuine pleasure like real diamonds. Writing is my great passion, and if I don't do it I feel like I am completely empty or dead inside. Reading other authors, books, the Bible, etc. has truly inspired me to write many new poems, song-lyrics, short stories, tales, general thoughts, random thoughts, inspirational messages, devotionals, and so on. Feeling and contemplating other folks behaviours, fine arts, photos, music, mother nature and animals have also been another source of inspiration for my writing skills. It refreshes my inner being, the tissue of my crystal soul, with whispering hope. It feels as if I'm bathing into a fresh springwater fountain covered with dew at daybreak. I took my artistic name as a writer, "Morning Star" from mother nature, and I feel at ease with it...
Today's writing is about keeping your mind active which is healthy for you. Take good care of your brain!!
Some authors say, "whether work should be placed among the causes of happiness may perhaps be regarded as a doubtful question. There is certainly much work which is exceedingly irksome, and an excess of work is always very painful. I think, however, that provided work is not excessive in amount, even the dullest work is to most people less painful than idleness."
I think, boredom is bad news to an intelligent living being, whether the one involved is human or animal. Even a dog could become destructive if it is left alone all day doing nothing. All living species must keep their mind active, because it is healthy. We ought to take good care of our brains. Imagine one who has nothing to do, and spend all his/her hours alone doing nothing... It could be a destructive habit in a matter of time.
What kind of life he/she leads to??...
God planted us in this world with a purpose for our lives.
God has a plan for each of us in our lifetime.
Let's use this Heavenly gift  for the better, dear readers!!...
There are all grades in work, from mere relief of tedium up to the profoundest delights, according to the nature of the work and the abilities of the worker. Most of the work that most people have to do is not in itself interesting, but even such work has certain great advantages. To begin with, it fills a good many hours of the day without the need of deciding what one shall do. Most people, when they are left free to fill their own time according to their own choice, are at a loss to think of anything sufficiently pleasant to be worth doing. And whatever they decide on, they are troubled by the feeling that something else would have been pleasanter. To be able to fill leisure intelligently is the last product of civilization, and at present very few people have reached this level. Moreover the exercise of choice is in itself tiresome. Except to people with unusual initiative it is positively agreeable to be told what to do at each hour of the day, provided the orders are not too unpleasant.
Most of the idle rich suffer unspeakable boredom as the price of their freedom from drudgery. At times they may find relief by flying round the world, but the number of such sensations is limited, especially after youth is past. Accordingly the more intelligent rich men work nearly as hard as if they were poor, while rich women for the most part keep themselves busy with innumerable trifles of whose earth-shaking importance they are firmly persuaded.
Work therefore is desirable, first and foremost, as a preventive of boredom, for the boredom that a man feels when he is doing necessary though uninteresting work is as nothing in comparison with the boredom that he feels when he has nothing to do with his days. With this advantage of work another is associated, namely that it makes holidays much more delicious when they come as a reward for the hard work done.
Provided a man does not have to work so hard as to impair his vigour, he is likely to find far more zest in his free time than an idle man could possibly find.
What is the writer's view of leisure and boredom??
Think about it as food for thoughts...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"One Summer evening." (Passage.)

"One Summer evening."  (A short passage.)
As you may know, I began to write thriller or mystery stories which take different perspectives in the rainbow of choices.
I would like to complete a whole novel, although it is only a dream in my heart, and just too far from the present time.
Anyway, I'll share today's short passage to indulge the reader's eyes with some mystery views. Here it is...
One Summer evening, I was sitting by the open window reading a good but rather frightening mystery story.
After a time it became too dark for me to read easily, so I put my book down and got up to switch on the light. I was just about to draw the curtains as well when I heard a loud cry of "Help!! Help!!" It seemed to come from the trees at the end of the garden. I looked out but it was too dark to see anything clearly.
Almost immediately I heard the cry again. It sounded like a child, although I could not imagine how anybody could need help in our garden, unless one of the boys of the neighborhood had climbed a tree and could not get down.
I decided, however, that I ought to go out and have a look in the garden, just in case someone was in trouble. I took the flashlight which we keep for going down into the cellar, where there is no electric light, and picked up a strong walking stick, thinking that this might come in useful too. Armed with these, I went out into the garden. Once again I heard the cry. There was no doubt that it came from the trees at the end of the garden. "Who's there??" I called out as I walked, rather nervously, down the path that led to the trees. But there was no answer. With the help of my flashlight I examined the whole of that part of the garden and the lower branches of the trees. There was no sign of anybody or anything. I came to the conclusion that someone was playing a rather silly joke on me.
Still feeling rather puzzled, I went back to the house and put away the flashlight and the stick. I had just sat down and begun to read my book again when I was startled by the cry of  "Help!! Help!!", this time it was really closed and from right behind my shoulder.
I dropped my book and jumped up in astonishment.
There, sitting on top of the mantelpiece, was a large green and red bird. It was a parrot!! While I was out in the garden, the bird must have seen the light in my room and flown in through the open window. That was a narrow escape...
Imagine that you were a friend of the writer of this passage.
What would you say about this tale??...

Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to All Americans Overseas!!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to All Americans Overseas!!

We love you!!
Our best Holiday  Greetings from the bottom of our hearts to:
U.S. Diplomats, U.S. Veterans, Members of the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marines Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Soldiers, and all other American people who are serving Overseas for one reason or another to defend Freedom and Justice for All.
We admire your loving, caring and brave hearts, dear ones.
We have traveled round the world.
God may bless each and everyone of you, and protect you always wherever your wonderful hearts may take you!! I am a whispering hope riding in the wind, the advocate of the helpless and the voice of the voiceless. I truly love to hear from you...
So, if you wish to remain in touch with me, please Email me or leave your comment in here. I shall reply as soon as I can...
Anyway, if you would like to visit My Blog about Our Natural Environment, I'll give you the Link:
Thank you in advance for your kind visits, dear readers!!
I let you know I'll be taking a long writing break after the Holidays.
All the best,
Poet Starry Dawn.